Spooky Costumes, YoCash Bundles & Monthly Exclusives…

But have there been enough decorating releases so far? Well, just as Yo players started to feel disappointed, the decor started making its way into the game.

We are in the first week of October now, and players are getting excited about this year’s forthcoming Halloween, but not everyone was happy. Fashionistas were busy dressing up, but the decorators out there were lamenting the lack of items to work with. Thankfully, the Vikings listened, and more decorating items started appearing in game.

September came to an end with a number of good offers, including the Terrible Tree-O Pack. for just 39 YoCash – a saving of 22 YoCash, players could purchase the exclusive Yo Eating Tree, Yo Snatching Hedge and Haunted Treehouse. Both the hedge and treehouse could be purchased separately. the offer, though, proved extremely popular.

But still the game decorators wondered where the rest of the decorating items were. They need not have worried. The indoor decor started making its way to the furniture store, and included exciting items such as a Haunted Fireplace and ‘oozing’furniture. The designs were good. Were the prices okay? Well, given the way that prices have risen in YoWorld over the last year, they were in keeping with recent releases. there was no major sign of Big Viking Games hiking prices for Halloween – yet.

The clothing fans were kept happy with rabbit, devil and cat multi-piece costumes,and yober and handheld mystery boxes; new YoCash bargain bundles were offered, and a special  Interactive Apple Bobbing, although not cheap at 750,000 YoCoins, was extremely popular.

Because October 1st fell on a weekend, the month’s exclusives were released on Friday, September 30th. As with previous months, all did not go well. The first ‘problem’ was the perceived lack of communication from the Vikings regarding the release times. Threads were started in the Discussions forum, asking about release times, but the response was, shall we say, rather vague. This left many players none the wiser.

Then, when the releases started, the Spider Bubble Mouth seemed to go almost too quickly. Were there really that many players in game, buying them all in, well, ‘within seconds’? Back over in the forum, people were not happy bunnies. Especially when the mouths reappeared in the auction house for what seemed extremely inflated prices. The YoCash exchange rate for them was around the 70:1 mark –  far higher than the current accepted 20:1 rate.

There are still a number of these mouths in the auction house, with asking prices of between 1.2-3.5m YoCoins, but bids are around the 600-900k YoCoins mark so people are definitely refusing to overpay.

The new month brought with it an exciting Interactive TV, which cost 25 YoCash, and was based – very loosely – on the creepy movie, The Ring. A couple of players questioned the price, but given the technical design and excellent animation, most people considered it to be worth the price tag.

More Screaming Suburbia decor followed, along with a variety of YoCash bundles, and YoWorld moved onto the next Halloween theme… Haunted Hotel!

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