Seller Beware: Players Creating Fake YoRehab Prices!

Players are apparently ‘doctoring’ YoRehab images, reducing prices. Please don’t get caught up by these scammers!

Recently YoRehab became aware of the fact that dishonest YoWorld players are using our images in an attempt to trick fellow players into selling their items for far less than they are worth. These scammers are taking our images and ‘doctoring’ the prices below, inserting their own, lower prices, in an attempt to con people.

The scam involves the hosting of ‘frame’ events where the seller puts YoRehab images of the items they wish to buy in frames around their room. Each frame also shows a price. In this case, the prices are often a tenth of what they really are on our site.

YoWorld player OL Emmers posted about it here: https://forums.yoworld.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=152246

If you do come across any event like this, please open up our site in a separate tab and check the prices before selling. We would hate to see anyone get ripped off.

Have you come across any events where buyers are using our images? Have any of you been taken for a ride, and sold your items for much less than they are worth, or did you manage to spot the scam before it was too late?

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