Premium Items, A Casino Promotion, And 50th Podcast Celebrations

 Here we take a look a the latest fun in YoWorld. Can you afford to take part?

It has been a fun-filled, but rather expensive few days in YoWorld. New premium items, a casino promotion, and 50th pod cast exclusives have all added up to big spending in YoWorld.

We begin our review with August 11th, which  saw the release of a new Go Kart Bundle. It cost $5 and was offered as a choice of VIP and non-VIP. Both bundles consisted of 300,000 YoCoins, 75 YoCash and one of four Animated Decor Go Karts, but the VIP bundle also contained a Gold Go Kart Costume. This was followed by a new Haberdasher’s Midway Madness Hat Box. For 7 YoCash, players got a lucky dip of one of nine mystery hats, with the chance to win one of three rare hats. The Go Kart Costume was also released in three colors. A little later came two new premium items. The Interactive Splash Zone cost 25 YoCash and the Ring Toss Stand cost 15,000 YoCoins.

Later that same day came the announcement that a new Poker Dice event was due to take place over in the casino between August 11th-18th. Players were given the chance to win exclusive items when they got ’5 Of A Kind’ or a ‘Straight’.

August 12th saw the 50th YoWorld Podcast, and to celebrate, the Vikings launched the 50th Podcast Extravaganza. A limited number of items were released, along with a Podcasting Room bundle. They also gave players a free Big Viking Games shirt, in both male and female fit.

August 13th saw a return to YoWorldWorld releases, and more high priced items. The YoWorldWorld Fountain was available for 19 YoCash. This was followed by the Interactive Skeet Shooting Stand (21 YoCash) and the Interactive Flume ride (31 YoCash) which could be purchased together as a bundle for 41 YoCash.

YoWorld players, what are your thoughts on these latest releases? Have you noticed a sharp increase in the number of high priced ‘premium’ items being released into YoWorld? How do you feel about them? Have you tried to purchase as many of them as possible, or have you had to try to decorate with cheaper items instead? Do you think this new tactic by Big Viking games is spoiling the game, or making it more fun?

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