Player Beware: All Is Not Well In The Auction House!

Problems with loading – and it would appear that players are still attempting to scam…

Players are still having problems with the auction house. Two matters have been brought to the attention of YoRehab over the last couple of days.

The first matter concerns the loading of pages during searches. More than one person has reported that when it comes to the very last page of the search results, it is not loading properly. Agent Alby decided to try it out for herself and, sure enough she encountered a problem with the last page not loading properly. She noticed that when she actually clicked the search button, there was a grayed out panel but it flashed too quickly for her to be able to do a screen shot.

The second matter is far more serious. It has come to our attention that players are still attempting to scam through the auction house – and some are actually succeeding. A few days ago a player posted over in the forums, to warn people about this problem. Is this a genuine problem or are players not being observant enough? Many forum readers seem to think the latter but this may not actually be the case.

Despite the fact that players are able to check the transaction before clicking, it would appear that there is a small delay – and enough time for other players to ‘alter’ the terms of the trade.

Given the fact that, for many people, the auction house is not loading properly, this could indeed be another legitimate problem which needs addressing.

At the time of writing, the Vikings have not made any announcement regarding this potential security problem so all we can advise right now is that if you do go ahead and trade,  then it might be a good idea to take screenshots at each stage of the trade – just in case.

Have you encountered any problems through the auction house or in game? If you have, we would be grateful if you could post them below, so that we can add them to this article. Please like and share this article so that we can try to help keep players safe. Thank you for supporting YoRehab.


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