Big Viking Games has, at long last, officially saved YoVille!

The news that so many loyal YoVillians have been waiting for has finally arrived! YoVille has been saved by Big Viking Games! Yes, that’s right – all the hard work put in by YoVille’s loyal fans has finally paid off as we see the game about to be transferred ‘as is’ with (hopefully) no players losing anything that they have worked so hard for.

Today, at approximately 7:00 am, California time, Ivory Ninja made the following announcement in the YoVille Discussions forum:

Dear YoVille Players,

We wanted to share with you first that we have concluded our ongoing discussions with Big Viking Games and reached an agreement to transfer YoVille to Big Viking Games.

The transfer of YoVille, which includes your individual game history and details, is expected to be complete by May 12th. If you do not want your game history and details transferred, you can delete your account by filling out this form:https://support.zynga.com/article/yo…-1398159843296 by May 10th.

Once the transfer is complete, YoVille will be known as YoWorld and will be wholly owned and operated by Big Viking Games, based at 285 King St., Suite 300, London, Ontario, Canada N6B 3M6. More details on Big Viking Games’ Privacy Policy and Terms of Service can be found here: http://www.yoworld.com/privacy/ and http://www.yoworld.com/tos/ . Additional details can also be found on the YoWorld homepage here: http://www.yoworld.com/.

Thank you again for your continued support of YoVille over the last five years. We are proud to have Big Viking Games, the original creators of YoVille, take the game over and help sustain the communities that many of you have nurtured over the years. We can’t wait to see what they do with the game, and look forward to hearing about your new experiences playing YoWorld.

The Zynga Team

You can read and respond to Ivory Ninja’s post here.

On behalf of everyone here at YoRehab, we want to thank all the YoVillians who have worked so hard to save our game, and the staff at Big Viking Games, who took up the cause when we all reached out to them. Words really cannot express how we are feeling right now.

YoVillians, how do you feel at the news that YoVille has been saved? Are you doing happy dances – or sitting, staring at your monitors in shock? Please leave your thoughts on this momentous occasion in the comment box below. We should be grateful if you would also like and share this article so that we can spread the news that YoVille has been saved.

Thank you so much for all the support that you have given over the last few months, you all deserve a big pat on the back! :D

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