Mrs Paw’s Petting Paradise

Who could resist a cute little animal – or two – to pet?

What theme park or attraction would be complete without something for the children – and not so little adults? Well YoWorldWorld is no different. Welcome to Mrs Paw’s Petting Paradise!

The new segment of the YoWorldWorld theme kicked of on August 13th, with the release of the Pet Paradise Avenue, and a free Elephant Nose. These were followed by a Topiary Dollar Deal, which consisted of 50,000 YoCoins, 10 YoCash, and one of five Pet Paradise Topiaries. Next came Safari outfits with matching male and female hairstyles.

The next day saw the release of more high priced items. A YoWorld (dragon) Mascot Fountain cost 21 YoCash and an Animated Pig Mud Bath cost 15 YoCash.

Being Sunday, it was time for the release of the Summer Sale. Players were given the opportunity to purchase a variety of animal masks. These were followed by several handhelds, along with two animal print skins. The Giraffe and Zebra skins sold out very quickly, and were soon being offered for sale in the auction house, starting from 1,000,000 YoCoins.

August 15th arrived, and along with it came Mrs Paw’s Jackpot bundle. For $9.90 players received 50,000 YoCoins, 75 YoCash – and the chance to win 1,000 YoCash in a Prize Draw.

August 16th was an ‘empty your bank account day’. Players were offered a Petty Goat Interactive and a Petting Cow Interactive for 500,000 YoCoins each. The two items, could be bought as a bundle for 850,000 YoCoins. These were followed by an Animated Rock Pond for 21 YoCash, a Barnyard Guide NPC for 9 YoCash and a Barnyard Animal Habitat for 15 YoCash.

For those players running out of YoCoins, the Vikings offered them a $9.99 Coin Crusader Deal which consisted of a massive 1,200,000 YoCoins and one of four Viking Crusader Statues. Then the day closed with an Animal Hat Mystery Box.

August 17th saw the release of a really cute VIP Yober bundle. 29 YoCash bought 6 cute Pygmy Yobers, each of which could be bought separately for 7 YoCash.

How do you like the new Petting Paradise? Are you looking forward to the release of new animals? Hopefully soon? What did you think of the price of the two animal skins? Too much? Perhaps you bit the bullet and bought one through an event or the auction house.

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