Jan 10th 2017: The Hacking That Never Was

Players were afraid that they had been hacked, but BVG was quick to put those fears to rest.

Yesterday morning, players logging into YoWorld were horrified to see pop-ups from an unknown source. For many, their first thoughts were that they had been hacked. An unidentified person, calling themselves ‘zaa’, stated that they were admin, and invited players to click a button for ‘Youtube’. This admin was clearly a sloppy (alleged) hacker, since the site is called YouTube.

Other pathetic comments followed…



Rather than panicking, several players went over to the YoWorld Discussions forum to see what was going on. Some players also noticed that their coin balances appeared to keep changing, and one player reported a message which appeared to be in Turkish, and translated, came up as ‘I love large marbles’ (?). Make of that what you will.

Gary Stevenson was quick to put their minds at rest. The game had not been hacked. apparently there was, what Gary called ‘holes’ in the ‘game client’ which had been there when the game was bought from Zynga. Despite BVG’s best efforts to sort them all out, one had been missed. However, the were now working to fix it. The full thread can be read and responded to, here: WHAT IS HAPPENING?! Is BVG being Hacked?

So, all is well in the world of Yo. and players can keep calm and carry on…

Were you one of the numerous players who received pop-ups yesterday? Were you at all concerned that your account had been compromised? If so, what did you do?

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