In Loving Memory of Agent Lyric

YoRehab mourns the passing of one of its most dearly loved agents.

It is with great sadness that we must report the death of our agent, Tina Sholes Marinella, known to YoWorld players as Agent Lyric, who passed away on Wednesday November 30th, aged 45. She leaves behind her much loved daughters, Megan and Brittani.

Tina started playing YoVille, as it was then, in September 2009, and was one of the first YoRehab Agents to be recruited, joining on November 18th 2010. Showing complete dedication to both YoVille and Yorehab, she quickly became an important part of Yorehab, managing all YoRehab Agents, and heading both the advertising team and the YoRehab Platinum YoWorldans (YPY) club. She also held contests for the fans as part of the YoRehab’s contest team, worked on the YoRehab’s writers team, and worked as an admin on the YoRehab Bazaar page.

Tina Sholes Marinella 1971-2016

Many players only knew Tina as ‘Agent Lyric YoRehab’ but behind the agent tag, she was much more than that. Tina was a loving mother who worked hard to bring up her daughters. She had recently started studying to be a nurse, but still found time for YoRehab. She was incredibly caring and her door was always open if anyone had a problem or just needed to ‘vent’. Those who were closest to her all remember her incredible sense of fun, as can be seen in the picture below. She could party with the best.

YoWorld player  ZoOm YPY shares her Table Dancing story:

I had entered the contest she was doing on the Contest madness page and won. Another person that was an agent at the time made the event and I met up with them. When I walked in the door Agent Lyric went from sitting at the picnic table to standing in top of the table (but only on my screen and not hers) so i told her “table dancing again?” To which she said she was sitting on the bench next to me. I told her she was not, and she hit a “dance” feature and started dancing all over the table. That is my most favorite memory and would often bring it up to her by sending her the screen shot I took…….

Members of YoRehab, past and present, along with YPY members,have got together to say a few words about their dear friend:-

Agents N on behalf of herself and Agent M (owners of YoRehab): 6 years ago, Mig and I met the most hardworking person we know. Tina was not only a hard worker, but also a very compassionate and kind person. She is beautiful both inside and out. She cares a lot about the people around her, and is always there to help anyone in need. We quickly formed a friendship–a very beautiful friendship that knows no distance or time zone. She is very loving and protective towards the people she loves. Tina always puts her daughters first. She loves her daughters so dearly and frequently talks about them. Our hearts are very much broken knowing that she will not be around anymore. We lost an amazing friend with a beautiful soul, but we know that we also gained an angel who will look after us in Heaven. Tina, we miss you so much. We love you and we will never ever forget you.

Agent J:  I can’t say enough about how much Lyric meant to me. I met her before she became an agent and we quickly bonded. We would show up in Yo wearing the same or similar outfits – totally unplanned. We would start to say the same thing at the same time or finish each other’s sentences. She was my twinny, my other half, my bff. Even though we never got to meet in real life – we lived on opposite sides of the US – the bond between could not have been any stronger. Lyric was there whenever I needed her. I could trust her with my darkest secret and know it was safe. She would listen no matter what time of day or night – never rushing you or in a hurry. She REALLY cared and was genuine in all she did. She was this way with everyone too. She touched so many lives through our little game of Yo. I can’t imagine not being to chat with her anymore but she will always be in my heart. I consider myself blessed to have known Lyric. She made Yo and this world a better place.

Agent Bliss: I am deeply saddened , we all loved her so much ! Missing my friend . She was so beautiful , creative and smart. I will never forget all the laughs and silly fun we had together.

Agent Falcon: Tina had such a loving Heart. She would always go out of her way just to make someone else’s day just a little brighter. She was the kind of person that gave not because she had to, but because she wanted to. Her friendship and presence will be greatly missed by everyone.

Agent Alby: Being a very shy and reserved person, I was nervous when I joined YoRehab, but Tina was very patient with me. She took me under her wing, and I felt extremely comfortable, and found my feet quickly. As I got to know her, I discovered what a warm, generous person she was. I’m still trying to get my head around the fact that sh’s no longer with us. It just doesn’t seem real. My heart goes out to her children.

Agent Li: I have known Tina aka Agent Lyric for a little over 6 years. She was one of the sweetest people and would do all she could to help out a friend. We didn’t always see eye to eye but who does? None the less we were friends and always loyal to each other and the rest of our rehab and YPY family. I will miss you dearly Tina R.I.P. ❤

Agent Kyle: Lyric was not only an outstanding agent for YoRehab, and one of the most hardworking people I have met, but she was also a great friend of mine. We would talk all the time about school and how difficult it was to be in school and juggle all of our other responsibilities at the same time. I was so happy for her when she started going back to school because I knew that was one of her life long dreams. I will miss her so much, and it will be weird for a while not being able to talk to her, but I hope with time we will all be able to grieve her passing.

Agent Goddess: I had the pleasure of meeting Tina in YoVille many years ago . She was one of the funniest and most loving people the game has ever known. When they diagnosed me with cancer it didn’t matter what type of day she was having she would message me stuff that made my day brighter. She would give up everything to make others happy. Tina was a loving Mother, and a nurse to be ….. Heaven has gained a real angel and she will truly be missed daily. Words are few, thoughts are deep. Memories of her we will always keep.

Agent Erin: How can you write a couple sentences to honor Tina, when she undoubtedly deserves more? I met Tina around October of 2013, she was and still is one of the nicest people I have ever encountered. I’ll never forget her and the other agents welcoming me into their group known as YoRehab. I figured when I joined YoRehab I would just update prices on the guide and help with graphics for pages and themes they requested, but that surely was not the case. YoRehab became like a second family to me. With wonderful Owners and Managers directing the other Agents, we became a team to help YoWorldians, if it meant the priceguide, news articles, or contest pages, either way Tina loved it all. She loved knowing that she was helping people and that it more in-likely made their day, or made it better atleast. Friend, foe, or stranger, Tina would always lend a helping hand. I remember one day she introduced me into clay dolls and I was so interested in trying to sculpt what was known as “YoVille dolls”. She helped me with everything I would need, down to what clay, materials, and even tips that beginners would never think of. In all honesty, I believe Tina was the only one to believe in me and what I was trying to accomplish, and that is what makes Tina so special to us. Without a question she would drop everything to help you or even just listen to what you had to say, later giving you the advice that you would need. It always seemed like she knew what to say and how to say it. Although I only knew Tina through what most consider “just a game” or “just an online friend”, she was always more than what those assume what an online friend is, especially one that you’ve never met. The miles really do not matter to us. The loyalty and friendship does, and without a doubt Tina offered that by just being there. That is what we are all going to miss, her being there and her company. We are all missing you Tina, and I hope you know we all love and miss you unconditionally. I hope you can read this all the way up there, but rest high in the clouds dear. You were way too young and beautiful to go, but you surely deserve to be up there.

Agent IRISH: Was great to have the pleasure of meeting Tina and working along side her in game.. She will be greatly missed

Agent Golden R: Tina was like a super star for me , a very special person and a very respected one . 

Former Agent Toni: Please can you add how much fun she was and how amazing she was and her kindness to everyone she will never be forgotten… I miss her dearly


Shar Seal YPY: Tina helped me through a deep depression,just by being available when I was on line and chatting to me !!She helped me realize there was more to life than settling!!!

Tina was loved by many people and when Agent Alby finally found the strength to announce her passing to the readers of the YoWorld forums,  players came forward to offer their condolences: R.I.P. Agent Lyric YoRehab


Since Tina’s passing, people have shown concern for her children, and have stated that they wished to help. A GoFundMe page has now been set up to help Megan support her younger sibling, Britanni. If anyone wishes to do so, they can donate here: Megan & Brittany’s Angel Fund


The members of YoRehab would be extremely grateful if as many people as possible could like and share this article. We want to reach out to as many of Tina’s YoWorld friends as possible. Thank you for supporting us at this very sad time.


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