How To: UseYoVille Art’s New Paint Board Program

Agent Alby takes a look at the new beta paint board art program…

In response to numerous requests from YoWorld players, YoVille Art has brought out a new beta upgrade for its art program.

When YoVille Art announced the release of its latest program – this time for the new YoWorld paint boards – many players were excited. However, that excitement soon turned to confusion as many of the players could not get the program to work.

Reading this, Agent Alby decided to take a look for herself, and here we publish her findings…

Before we start, though, we feel we need to clarify one little matter regarding this art. For many months players have been asking if it is okay to produce art with a third-party program. A while back, the Vikings posted about this, and we published this article. At the time of writing, this still stands. Players may use the program provided they do not create any image which could be considered offensive or illegal.

The first thing Alby did was go over to www.yovilleart.com and download the latest program (2.7 beta). Then she opened it up in YoWorld, and the problems started.

1. Alby had her board in place, and had uploaded a ‘test’ image, but when she tried to create it, the program could not find the paint board. Apparently the program does not like Chrome!

2. So… there was nothing for it. Alby had to close Chrome and open FireFox instead!

This time she did not fare much better. The program recognized her board – but it crashed when AVG removed it as a ‘threat’. To get around this, Alby had to [edited] disable Identity Protection in AVG Zen.

3. With the program finally recognizing the board, and ready to paint, Alby copied the code into the box. A pop-up stated that the board would take at least six minutes.

4. After 12 minutes (Alby timed it) the board was finally finished.

Now this is 12 minutes for a basic board. Alby did try a more complicated image and it took nearly 45 minutes to complete. Two or four-board art is going to take considerably longer.

We do not know how the program will work with other browsers or antivirus programs, and would be grateful if other users could leave feedback so that we can update this article as we learn more.


UPDATES: Some players are able to use this program with Chrome but it means turning off their firewalls.


YoWorldians, have any of you tried the new YoVille Art paint board program yet? Did you encounter any problems? If so how did you solve them? Does this program work with Internet Explorer or any of the other browsers? How do other antivirus programs interact with it? Please post your tips and feedback in the comment box below, then like and share this article. Thank you for supporting Yorehab.

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