How To: Get The Best From Free Coin Chests

YoRehab looks at the new Free Coin Chest feature and attempts to show the best way to get the most coins from them.

Recently YoRehab reported that a new ‘free coin’ feature had been introduced to YoWorld. Unfortunately, this new feature appears to be proving a bit tricky to understand. The ‘Bonus’ in particular, is leaving some players scratching their heads.

YoRehab decided to take a look at things, and try to figure out the best way to make the most coins from the chests. This is what we discovered…

1. The first question is, which chests should you open to get the most coins? The answer is, the Marble Chests. A lot of people are mistakenly opening the gold ones because they are thinking ‘gold, silver, bronze’. But in actual fact, the Marble Chests contain the most coins. If you don’t have any Marble ones to open, then the next best are the Gold, followed, by Silver, then Bronze.

2. Then, when is the best time to open the chests to get the highest bonus? This is something which had Agent Alby scratching her head – then she suddenly realized… The bonus is every 24 hours, but not from the last time it is claimed. It would appear that the ‘clock’ resets every 24 hours per actual day.

Alby’s timers were due to reset at 1:00 am this morning, her time, but there was no way she was going to stay up just to claim the bonuses. When she got up this morning, and claimed them, her timers said that she would have to wait another 16 hours before claiming again – which will be 1:00 am tomorrow morning, her time.

3. Now we go onto actually opening the chests – and what ‘daily’ bonuses players can expect to get. For the optimum number of coins we advise players wait until they have got 250 of their highest value chests. Any more, and you do not get extra bonuses – just the basic value of each chest – which is very little on its own.

To get the Mega Bonus, you just need to have 20 chests. You will get also get 20 x Chest Value and 20 x Level Bonus.

If you open 60 chests, you will get the Mega Bonus and Huge Bonus – plus 60 x Chest Value and 60 x Level Bonus.

Open 120 chests and you get the Mega Bonus, Huge Bonus and Big bonus, plus 120 x Chest Value and 120 x Level Bonus.

Open 250 chests and you get all four bonuses – plus 250 x Chest Value and 250 x Level Bonus.

But… and this is the big but… if you open more than 250 chests, you do not get any additional benefit from the Daily Bonus feature. If you look at the image below, Alby got her four daily bonus amounts for the first 250 chests, but for the remaining 145 chests, she only got paid extra on the Chest Value and Level Bonus.

Then, when Alby went on to open her other chests, the timers were visible and she only got Chest Value and Level Bonus for her remaining chests.

So, to sum things up, from looking at Alby’s experience here…

1. Try to collect 250 Marble Chests.

2. Wait until your Daily Bonus is ready.

3. Do not open any other Marble Chests again until the bonus is ready again.

If you do this, then at level 200 you should be able to guarantee at least 26,178 YoCoins per payout.

UPDATE: In answer to a question below, 1 Marble Chest opened without the daily bonuses pays just 8 coins.

We admit that, at first glance, this new feature did look complicated, and a number of forum members felt that YoWorld did not do a very good job at explaining how it worked. Hopefully we have gone some way to making things look clearer, but if you do have any further questions, please feel free to post them below, and we will try to look into them for you.

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