Halloween Comes Early To YoWorld This Year!

It’s only September, but already the Halloween releases have started trickling into the game…

It’s only September, but already the Vikings have started releasing Halloween items.For many players, this is a very welcome event, but is it too early?

The first hint that Halloween was on its way came on September 12th. A Ghastly Giving Tree was released – with a hefty price tag of 50 YoCash. The Vikings explained that each tree purchased would give the buyer six premium items during the month of October They also stated that, should the buyer then sell the tree on, they would still get the free items. So… Anyone purchasing the tree through an event or the Auction House would get the tree, but nothing else.

There were a number of these trees for sale in the Auction House, with prices ranging from 1-2 million YoCoins, though now the average Auction House price has dropped to around the 700,000 YoCoins mark. Is it worth that amount, given the fact that it does not offer its new owner any free gifts? Well it is animated, and lights up, so perhaps it is to some players.

The actual Halloween items did not start being released until September 18th, with the launch of Screaming Suburbia 2016, and even then players were not given much. The first few days saw YoCash/YoCoins bundles, and clothing releases, but there was little to decorate with. At the time of going to press with this article, there has only been one new home released, and some exterior decor.

The Screaming Suburban House costs 19 YoCash, and has a total of eight rooms and outdoors to decorate. The feedback so far has been rather mixed, with many players stating that they think the stairs is very ugly. Others have noticed that it strongly resembles the YoU Greek House inside.

The majority of the releases so far have been clothing and hairstyles. The outfits released so far are Suburban Sweetie, Calculated Killer, Slimmer Man, Miss Menace, Ventriloquist, and Creepy Doll. Once more, mystery boxes have featured with both hairstyles and hats to be found inside.

But why has Halloween come to YoWorld so early? This is the third year in succession that Halloween items have been released half-way through September. It’s a very popular holiday in many countries around the world, and Big Viking Games have probably found that, like Zynga, it’s a money spinner, but is it too early?

What exactly, do people want from Big Viking Games when it comes to Halloween releases? Are they happy with the drip-feed of releases, or would they prefer larger releases, nearer to Halloween? What, also, do they want released? Several posters over in the Discussions forum have been extremely vocal, saying that they are tired of ‘cartoony’ stuff, and would like something a bit more scary.

What do you want? Are you a big fan of Halloween, or do you, perhaps for religious reasons, steer well clear of it? Do you love to decorate, or dress up for Halloween parties? Have the Vikings delivered so far, or are you waiting patiently for something more spectacular?

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