Halloween 2016: Haunted Hotel

The second part of Halloween 2016 made its way into the game, but did it deliver? Now that is a very good question!

Following on from Screaming Suburbia, the second installment of Halloween 2016 was called Haunted Hotel. It started off quite promising, but for many, went out with a whimper, rather than a bang.

As with all themes, there was a home/house/building to decorate, and this time it was a hotel called the Severed Arms. Costing 25 YoCash (21 YoCash for VIP members), it had 11 different rooms/areas to decorate, but as with many previous themes, as decorating items were released, players questioned whether there would be enough releases to decorate all rooms. Unfortunately many found that they had to turn to other previous themes for items to finish off their decorating projects.

As per usual, though, the Vikings went all out on mix-and-match clothing, costumes and hairstyles. Hair mystery boxes made their appearance once more, and players could choose from ghost hunters or hotel staff. Two special outfits – Brad and Janet – made players wonder if a Rocky Horror theme was on the cards, but nothing ever came of it. this caused much disappointment to the Rocky fans out there.

On a more positive note, The Ghastly Giving Tree gave more gifts, and there were some fairly decent ‘special items’, including a Forsaken Chandelier (19 YoCash), Haunted Dilapidated Swing (21 YoCash) and Haunted Vintage Car (19 YoCash). YoCasg bundles have been quite impressive too, with the Haunted Hotel NPC pack proving very popular.

However, feedback over in the Discussions forum has, so far, has been extremely missed. Some players are happily decorating away, but others are stating that this years themes ‘suck’.

Will the next theme, Mad Mutations, put a bigger smile on players’ faces? Watch this space!


What do YoRehab supporters think of Halloween 2016 so far? Did Haunted Hotel live up to your expectations? Did you even have expectations – or were you just keeping an open mind in the hope that you would love the Vikings’ choice of themes? What went through your minds when you saw the Brad and Janet outfits? did you think you might get a Rocky Horror theme? Where you disappointed when it did not happen.

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