Glitch Report: YoVille Whiteboard Art Program Appears To Be Glitched Again

Glitch Report DefaultPlayers are reporting new problems with this whiteboard art program…

A while back YoRehab reported that players had been experiencing problems when trying to use the YoVille Whiteboard art program, but that the glitch had been fixed.

Now, after several months of everything running smoothly, it would appear that new problems have appeared. Some people are reporting white lines again, and others are reporting that the actual program will not open for them.

Both Agents Lyric and Grumpy attempted to use the whiteboard program, but they got the following messages – both whiteboards and paintable eggs were affected – and the program refused to open for them.

Agent Alby decided to try the program out. She used a desktop running Windows 7, with a 38 mbps internet connection and Google Chrome. She set the program ‘drawing speed’ to minimum. As you can see from the images below, although the whiteboard came out alright, the egg was a mess, with part of the image missing. She tried doing the egg several times, but the end result was the same each time.

Agent Lyric attempted to contact the YoVille art page but has not had a response, so Agent Alby will continue to try a few different things to see if they make any difference. In the meantime, if players are contemplating paying $10 to upgrade their account to draw their own images, we suggest they do a few tests using the free images first, before parting with any money.

When we get any news in regards to the current problems, we will update this article accordingly. If any players have found a way around things, we would be extremely grateful if they could share their tips with us in the comment box below. Equally, if players are experiencing any other problems, we would like to know about them.

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