Glitch Report: Teleports Appear To Be Playing Up Again

Glitch Report DefaultAppear to be working intermittently…

YoRehab has received several reports that the teleports are playing up again. Some people claim that they are not able to get into the teleports. Others are saying that once in, they are left in limbo as the game freezes. Agents Lyric and Alby decided to try them out.

First we take a look at Agent Lyric’s experience. As you can see from the image, although the loading bar is showing (and she did actually reach her destination), she appears to be ‘clinging’ to the outside of the teleport. Doctor Who has done that a few times but – hey – he has had more experience than poor Lyric!

Agent Alby decided to see what happened next… In her case, the door opened, and she was able to get in. but then – nothing. The loading bar showed but that was it . In the end she had to refresh her game.

Both Agents tried several times – four times each – and each time they encountered the same problem. A little while later, Alby decided to try again. The first time the teleport worked properly, then the second and third times it froze on her again.

YoRehab would be interested to hear from other players who are having problems with their teleports. Please post your issues in the comment box below. We would also be grateful if you could spare a moment to like and share this article, to alert other players to what is happening. Thank you for supporting YoRehab.

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