Glitch Report: Players Still Losing Items In Game!

Glitch Report DefaultHave you lost anything recently?

When Big Viking games took the game over from Zynga, players reported items missing from their inventories. It would appear that this is still happening.

Agent Alby recently received a message from a player who wishes to remain anonymous. She said that she moved some items from a ‘storage’ room and when she checked her inventory, the items were not there.

‘Miss X’ said:

There is a glitch where people can still lose stuff stemming from the change over from Zynga. For a very small group of people (I was one) not all your items are linked to your account. When you remove them from your storage or house some disappear entirely. The glitch is easily fixed by sending a ticket to support and asking them to link all your items to your account – some kind of reset. I have the emails that explain it better if you are interested in doing an article to warn others.

Miss X had previously contacted BVG support and wrote the following:

When I took items out of storage (that were in storage for well over 2yrs) I lost some items (these items were not in my inventory and no longer appeared anywhere – not storage not inventory). I’ve tried refreshing and everything and those items have just vanished. I noticed it first just before Easter with free items so I wasn’t worried. My currently missing items were the Burlesque candle chandelier. I had many and took them out of storage to sell. I’m not interested in you replacing the items but more to make you aware of the problem. I have assumed that all my houses were safe now that you are saving to your systems but clearly not. My concern is what if it were a far more expensive item or something difficult to replace.

Now Agent Alby is not allowed to post the reply from BVG but basically…

It looks like this happened because some of the data BVG received for her account from Zynga was not as complete as other data. In particular, the data for which items were in her homes was more ‘complete’ than the data for which items she owned. Which means…  Some items showed as being in her homes, but were not actually ‘linked’ to her account. Because the game did not recognize that she owned the items, they disappeared when she removed them from the room. A support worker at BVG was able to reset all of her items in BVG’s database, saying that everything in her homes should now be correctly associated with her account, and (hopefully) nothing else should disappear in future.

In other words, the ‘Curse of Zynga’ strikes yet again!

When Miss X asked what she should tell her friends, the support worker suggested that she tell them to contact BVG to take a look at their accounts.

So.. If you know anyone who’s concerned about items going missing, ask them to contact BVG to have them run a quick reset on their items.

We would be grateful if our readers could take the time to like and share this article, so that we can try to spread the word about this glitch. If any of you are having problems and have contacted BVG, please post below. This will one, give us an idea of how many accounts are affected – and two – tell players whether a ticket to support has been successful or not. Thank you for supporting YoRehab.

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