Glitch Report: Bell Hairbow XM2015 – IS NOT GLITCHED AFTER ALL!

Glitch Report DefaultCannot be seen when worn – or can it?

It has come to YoRehab’s attention that one of the Christmas clothing items is glitched. The Bell Hairbox XM2015 cannot be seen when worn. But is it?

[UPDATE] It now turns out that the bow is not glitched. It can only be seen from behind.

Agent Alby decided to look into the problem. She purchased the gold hairbow for 3 YoCash, but when she tried it on in edit mode, it did not show on her head. She then clicked the done button and returned to her home. Seeing that the hairbow was not showing, she went back into edit mode, but according to her inventory screen, she had not put the bow on.

1. All hairbows are affected by this glitch.

2. The gold hairbow showing in Alby’s inventory.

3. To the left, it states that Alby is wearing the hairbow, but it cannot be seen.

4. Alby back in game. the hairbow cannot be seen.

UPDATE: Alby got a message from a friend saying that the bow can only be seen from behind, and tried it out again. sure enough – there it was.

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