Game On: Thousands Of YoVillers Rally For Doomed Virtual Town

Finally, the cause reaches NBC News!

For the last few weeks, YoVillians everywhere have been fighting to stop Zynga from closing YoVille. At long last, NBC News has taken notice of the campaign and released an article about the fight taking place right now.

In an article published recently, NBC News hosts the YouTube video by player Bliss, which has had over 14,000 views since she uploaded it on January 11th. In it, she expresses what many of us YoVillians feel – a deep sadness at the thought that come April, we may never play our favorite game again.

To show the devotion, NBC News states:

Fans have sent cupcakes, cards and flowers to Big Viking’s offices in Toronto and London, Ontario, begging the founders to save YoVille. Lai says: “the massive outpouring of grief absolutely blows my mind.”

The pleas came from all over the globe: from soldiers who play in Iraq, grandmothers who reconnected with family through the game and struggling teenagers who said the game literally saved their lives.

Hopefully, now that NBC News has become involved, Zynga will speed up talks with Big Viking games and finally let YoVillians know what is happening.

In the meantime, you can read the full article here.

YoVillians, are you pleased to see a national news channel showing interest in the Save YoVille campaign? Do you think this new article will help? Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below, then like and share this article. Thanks for continuing to support YoVille and YoRehab.

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