Forums Closing; Confirmed Rumor

Well all the forumers have seen it, now it’s been confirmed.

Oh rumor mill, do you have no boundaries? Along with all of the YoVille rumors, the forums as usual, are not exempt. There have been rumors floating around that the forums will be shutting down. The latest circulation of this rumor included a date, October 10. Now that October 10 has come and gone, the forums are still there!

Cerulean Ninja seems to spend most of her time on the forums, dispelling rumors. She chimed in on one of the forum posts the night before last where YoVillians were skeptical because of the goings on in the past months around YoVille. Here is a screenshot of her post:

(click picture to enlarge)

Forums are still here, YoVille is still here and we’re still here. We, at YoRehab believe that YoVillians should make the best of the situation.  Enter contests, clean out some of your cluttered Yo-homes or just redecorate.  As always, we will update you with any new happenings and Yoville news as soon as we get it.

Were you nervous about the forums closing? Are you over rumors and reacting to them? Perhaps, like many of our Agents, the rumors have gotten to the point of annoying you? Let us know in the comment section, we love to read what you have to say.

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