Finally! Zynga Opens Up About Talks With Big Viking Games!

There is still light at the end of YoVille’s long dark tunnel…

Up until now, Zynga has been keeping extremely quiet regarding talks which Greg Thomson has said he has had with Mark Pincus. Now, however, Zynga has finally broken its silence on the matter. In a recent interview with GamesBeat, new chief operating officer Clive Downie was asked a number of questions. One question in particular stood out by the response which Mr Downie gave:

GamesBeat: You have shut down some older games. How do you decide that? A given game may not be high among the priorities at the moment. But I’m curious why you can’t just keep running it. Maybe it still has a million players. It seems like you could make money just running an old game, but you guys appear to have decided that’s not a good idea?

Downie: Right now, we run more than 30 live games that are delighting many millions of consumers every day. Some of them are well over a year old, or multiple years. We aren’t in the business of closing our products. We made a very specific decision recently with regard to YoVille. We always take a customer-centric view of our games. We value the long-term sustainability of our game communities, and we always strive to keep them active as long as possible within our game-lifecycle framework.

We do have a game-lifecycle framework. It’s not a snap decision. When this can’t happen any longer, we do look for other options. In the case of YoVille, there was a dialogue with the game’s creators about a partnership that would see the game continue to be grown and sustained by them, so that’s exciting. We’re in those discussions and we hope we can conclude them sometime soon and move on.

Our framework is about making sure that for as long as possible, our teams of people internally making games are sustaining those live game services and making them better, until such a point as we think, “For this good of our consumers, we should be having those game creators work on something else. They should work on making new things.” It’s always that balance between sustaining something and getting to something new.

Interesting, but what does “a partnership that would see the game continue to be grown and sustained by them” mean exactly? Does it mean that perhaps Zynga will allow BVG to operate the game but still keep a share in the game? Mr Downie is not giving much away right now, but at least Zynga has finally spoken to confirm that the company is indeed in talks with BVG and that at this stage of the game, all is not lost.

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