Final YoWorldWorld & Mrs Paws’ Pet Releases

YoWorld’s theme park theme has drawn to a close, and here we look at the final days’ releases…

A pet dog, hairs, interactives, and loads and loads of plushies…

We start your review with Thursday, August 18th. If players were running short of YoCash, they could buy more – and pick up at pet at the same time. For $19.99, the Mrs Paws’ Pet Pack offered 170 YoCash, 350,000 YoCoins, and a Petey the Pooch pet dog. Next came casual touristy clothing with matching male and female hair mystery boxes. The ladies got Curly Fringe hair and the gentlemen got Parted Curls hair.

August 19th brought a special VIP $99 Dolphin Decor Deal. Not a cheap package, but for $99,  VIP players got 800 YoCash, 2.5 million YoCoins, plus a Dolphin Monument. This was followed by more decor, including a Safari guide NPC for 9 YoCash, a Safari Animal Food Hut for 11 YoCash, and a Safari Animal Habitat for 15 YoCash. the day ended with the release of the Jackpot Jungle Adventure. Players purchasing the Interactive Jungle Raft Adventure for 25 YoCash were entered into a draw to win 500 YoCash.

The following day saw YoWorld invaded by plushies! The $5 Backpack bundle offered 300,000 YoCoins, 75 YoCash, one of six plushy backpacks. There was also a VIP package – the same as the regular package, but with the addition of a Hippo Rider Costume. Next came a Handheld Plushy Mystery Box for 9 YoCash, and Tiger and Elephant Animal Rider Costumes. The day’s releases drew to an end with a special Safari Stand Pack for 45 YoCash. For that, players got three stands which were available in store, plus an exclusive Gorilla stand.

August 21st kicked off with two interactives – the Interactive Panda cuddle and the Interactive Elephant Ride. Costing 25 YoCash each, they could be bought together for 39 YoCash. Being Sunday, it was time for the Sunday Sale. Plushy hats proved very popular, but the animal skins did not go down so well. this was probably because they cost 1.5 million YoCoins each.

The theme came to a close on August 22nd with the release of an Arctic Animal Habitat for 15 YoCash, a Polar Bear Habitat for 19 YoCash, a Polar Bear Petting Interactive for 21 YoCash and an Interactive penguin dance for 19 YoCash. The Interactive Dolphin Pool cost 25 YoCash and the Animated Baby whale Tank cost 19 YoCash.

The very final release of the theme was a free Souvenir YoWorldWorld shirt in a choice of male or female fit.

How did you enjoy YoWorldWorld? Did you have fun decorating and dressing up, or did you find the theme far too expensive to be able to do it justice?

How do you feel about the cut price hair mystery boxes? Do you love them, or do you think that hairs are no longer an investment because YoWorld is flooding the market with cheap hairs? do you love the ‘rainbow hairs, or do you think they are lame?

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