Final University Clothing & Decorating Releases, and Fall YoCash Bundles

Grab yourself some Fall goodies when you stock up on YoCash!

As the YoUniversity theme drew to a close, the Vikings turned their attention to Fall.  A number of awesome items were included in YoCash and YoCoins bundles.

Our catch-up starts on Thursday, 8th September. The day’s releases kicked off with a selection of free Toga Outfits. They were owed by a Fall Fiver Bundle. For $5 players received 50 YoCash, 125,000 YoCoins, plus an Awesome Robot Butler. The day’s ‘special’ was a Sittable Reading Tree which cost 16 YoCash, and was on sale for 24 hours. Then the Vikings released YoUniversity bedroom decor.

September 9th saw a rather costly VIP Frost bundle released. For $99.99, players received 800 YoCash, 300,000 YoCoins, plus an Animated Frosh Wash. The day’s clothing release was male and female College Outfits, which could be purchased separately, or as a bundle for 5 YoCash. Hair, however, was not included. These were available separately, in mystery boxes.

The following day saw the release of another YoCash bundle. $20 bought players 225 YoCash, 150,000 YoCoins, and a Fall Hot Tub.

There were no releases for Sunday, September 11th…

September 12th saw the start of a new week, and with it came the Rockin’ Fall Bundle. $10 bought 105 YoCash, 50,000 YoCoins, plus an Interactive Rocking Chair.

Following the quiet previous day, September 13th was much more busy. The Midterm Coin Deal cost $9.99 and offered 1,200,000 YoCoins and a Midterm Paper angel NPC. This was followed by new YoUniversity decor which included a Rock Band Pack for 15 YoCash. Next came Fall Fashion and Bohemian outfits, with matching hairstyles.

September 14 th offered players a Pumped Up Double Deal. $10 gave players 75 YoCash, 250,000 YoCoins, and an Interactive Squat Rack, but $20 gave them 200 YoCash, 1,000,000 YoCoins, the Squat Rack – and an Interactive Bench Press!

Like previous themes, YoUniversity 2016 had it’s own special throne – the Dorm throne – which could be purchased for 48 YoCash or 1,800,000 YoCoins.

Pablo the Pickle made a return, and was offered for free, limited to one Pickle per player. He was followed by male and female Swimteam outfits.

YoUniversity 2016 drew to a close on Thursday, September 15th. The releases that day included new hairstyles, a free Blue Heeler Yober (available with selected YoCash purchases), and YoUniversity bathroom decor.

Yo players, how did you like YoUniversity 2016. Did you have fun reliving your college days? Perhaps you come from a place outside the US, and could not identify with this college theme? Or did you decide to keep you YoCash and YoCoins for Halloween instead.

Whether you loved the theme, hated it, or just thought ‘meh’, we would love it if you could leave feedback, then like and share this article.

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