Fake Agent Alert: ‘Agent Danny’ [UPDATE!]

This fake agent is blocking anyone who attempts to reveal that he is a fraud!

Ladies and gentlemen, it has come to our attention that there is a young man masquerading as a YoRehab Agent over on Facebook. This young man goes by the name ‘Agent Danny‘.

Agent Alby was alerted to his page and took a look. She noticed that other people were doubting his authenticity, and posted to confirm that he was not an  agent. Within hours, both her post and those of the people doubting him had been removed. Alby was also blocked from posting again, and thus could not message him either. The deceitful person knows that YoRehab is onto him and is desperately trying to hide the face that he is a dishonest person.

(Agent Danny Facebook Fan Page)

So, who is Agent Danny? Well, we have traced his actual Facebook page – and his name is Isaiah Hoog. We have even got a picture of what he actually looks, like, but of course we won’t post that. Unlike, Isaiah, we have integrity. We doubt he can spell the word, never mind understand what it means.

(Isaiah Hoog’s Facebook Profile)

It has also come to our attention that he is stealing images from other players to use in an attempt to scam people.

(Image stolen from diablo)

It’s bad enough that this person has decided to deceive people by pretending to be something that they are not, but it is worse that they are doing everything in their power to prevent us from protecting our good name. Very soon everyone will see him for what he really is. Someone who cannot be trusted or respected in any way.

YoWorld players, we think it extremely important that we try to protect players from potential scammers who use our name to hurt people. Therefore we would be extremely grateful if you could spare the time to share this article so that we can try to warn as many people as possible about this person. Stay safe and whatever you do, DO NOT TRUST ISAIAH HOOG AKA AGENT DANNY!

UPDATE: Following his attempt to con people into thinking he was a part of YoRehab, Isaiah Hoog had the cheek to actually apply to become a member of YoRehab. Needless to say, his application was binned without even being reviewed. Agent Danny has now closed his fan page down, and in an attempt to HIDE from the fact he was outed, has now changed his name on his Facebook page. We are not going to publish his new name because hopefully he now has got the message.


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