Facebook (And Therefore YoWorld) Blocked By Certain Countries

Facebook News - DefaultSome governments see social media as a security risk…

It’s official – some countries have blocked Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube. The reason they are giving is that they are of the opinion that social media presents a genuine and very serious security risk to their governments. Given the current situation regarding the Middle East and Asia, this makes sense since relations between certain countries is rather, shall we say, ‘volatile’ right now. It is not, however, our place to go into the rights or wrongs of such decisions.

The blocking of Facebook, of course, also means the blocking of YoWorld, which has left a lot of players extremely upset. Players, some of who have been here since the beginning, are losing everything that they have played for. The chart below, from the www.motherjones.com site, was posted in March of 2014 and shows the known countries which have blocked social media, along with which sites each country has blocked. Since then there may well be other countries which have started blocking social media sites.

There have now been reports that one player got a YoWorld in-game message stating that the game could not be accessed in her country. A thread about this particular player was started in the Discussions forum, and it can be read here. This is the first that we have heard of such a message and we shall be monitoring the situation very closely.

Yo’s do you know of anyone who has suddenly found that they are unable to play YoWorld because Facebook has been blocked in their country? Do you worry that your own government may take the step to block social media sites – and therefore YoWorld? Please like and share this article so that we can alert players to what is going on regarding social media sites and YoWorld. Thank you for supporting YoRehab.


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