Double Deals, Spring Sweets & New YoUni Looks…

A fantastic mixed bag of daily goodies…

As August drew to a close, players wondered what was on offer over in YoWorld. They were not disappointed, with Double Up – and down – Deals, Spring Sweets at reduced prices, and more awesome clothing to wear for YoUniversity.

We start our review on August 29th. The Day Six Deal cost $10, and offered players 100 YoCash, 500,000 YoCoins, plus an Interactive YoU Hammock. Also on offer was a fantastic Double Up Deal. For $20 players got 250 YoCash, 1,500,000 YoCoins, the Interactive YoU Hammock – and a Peaceful Pergola.

The next day the focus was on hairstyles, with new male and female hair mystery boxes. Both boxes offered players the opportunity to get one of several random hairs.  Normally these boxes are extremely popular, but this time, they were met with very mixed reactions. Old styles released in new colors do not always go down very well. The Day Seven Deal cost $5 and for that, players got 75 YoCash, 250,000 YoCoins, and one of three Interactive Yoga Mats.

Following the announcement that iconic Willy Wonka actor, Gene Wilder had died, players asked for some sort of tribute item, and the Vikings responded by releasing a free Handheld Golden Ticket. At the same time, it was announced that Spring Sweets was due to leave YoWorld on September 9th, and all items were on sale with 20% off.

More hair and facial features followed… A Study case, costing 19 YoCash, offered a selection of facial features (which could also be purchased individually), and a female Messy Bun was released, along with his and hers Study Outfits.

But that was not all! The Vikings were really busy, releasing Fall Fashion clothing and an Interactive Hacky Sack Group.

September’s Exclusives came a day early on August 31st. There was a Purple Bubble Gum Mouth for 15 YoCash, Animated Fall Wings for 250,000 YoCoins, an Interactive Chess Table for 29 YoCash, and a Grandfather Clock for 350,000 YoCoins.

The offers ended with a Double Down Deal – for $10 players got 100 YoCash, 500,000 YoCoins, plus an Interactive Pile of Leaves, but for $20 they got 250 YoCash, 1,500,000 YoCoins, the Interactive Pile of Leaves – plus a Party Hot Tub.

What did you think of this selection of releases and offers? Did anything in particular catch your eye? Did you purchase any of the YoCash/YoCoins deals? Perhaps you are saving up for something else?

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