Buyer Beware: Whiteboard Scam Is Back!

buyerbeware - DefaultOnce again, blank boards sent to buyers…

This scam has been around for a while. At one stage it was happening quite a lot. Then things went very quiet. Unfortunately YoRehab has now started getting reports that it has started up again.

Many people use computer programs to create whiteboard art, but there are still those players who only appreciate hand-drawn art and they are willing to pay big money for good boards. This is where the scammers are literally making a killing…

Yo’s are complaining that they go to sales, then after handing over their money, find they get sent blank boards instead of the art which they purchased. Some are even getting kicked before they get chance to complain. Of course, during the trade the boards look blank, so there is no way of checking until after the transaction has taken place.

The Vikings have said that they will not get involved when independent trading transactions go wrong, so it is vital that players are very careful when purchasing whiteboard art. Ideally, deal with someone whom you have bought off before – and trust.

If in any doubt, then please don’t buy!

Yo’s have you been hit by scam art sellers? Did you report this to the Vikings? If so, what response did you get? Please share your tips for safe whiteboard purchases with other players in the comment box below. Please also like and share this article so that other Yo’s will know to be careful when purchasing whiteboard art. Thank you for supporting YoRehab.

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