Auction House Bans and Glitches **Updated**

bannedPlayers have been reporting an unusual ban, which is scaring some players from using their favorite way to buy and sell.Lately, there have been quite a few glitches going on with the Auction House. Is it honestly safe to be using? Well some players are worried sick about their account safety. As of recently, we’ve been seeing reports of players being banned from the game due to a glitch in the Auction House. What we have been hearing from the Forums and players on Facebook is that the items are showing in inventory and no coins are being taken from their account. The main complaints are on the new thrones that are 48 YoCash and are also on a timer in the Furniture store.

As players are searching in the AH for the throne, they are receiving a pop up saying “Invalid Data” when trying to purchase it.  They refresh and try it again only to receive the same error code pop up on the screen again. This is where players get worried.  One player stated that after making three attempts to purchase a throne in the Auction House and receiving the same error message, she gave up. Later to find out she had indeed had those thrones in her inventory, but all her coins were still accounted for. How does this happen? She posted on forums which you check out here. She made a report to BVG over the issue and was worried about not getting a response or something else happening to her account. However she did get a response from BVG and the coins were taken out for the items and the issue has been resolved.

Not all the people with problems such as this have been so lucky. A player who we contacted on Facebook who wishes to remain anonymous, with a similar issue, has actually had her account banned. This is what is scaring quite a bit of people. There is more than one outcome to this kind of issue. The banning on this is a bit out of hand. The buyer was completely unaware of what was going on as we are told. She even went and bought more chairs in game thinking that her AH purchases were not successful.  She then realized after making those event purchases that she had seven thrones in her account. The next day however, she tried logging in only to find out that her account had been banned. What is the cause for this? No one is exactly sure. The rumors are, that the player is being accused of  abusing an exploit in game to receive free items. Whether this is true or false we’re unsure. But please be aware of any trades you do in the AH right now. Keep track of your coins and items in your inventory.


**After the article was published, we found a comment from Gary Stevenson on why players were banned.  (Click on photo to enlarge) 

If you have any of the above issues happen to you, please contact BVG Support. They will gladly help you as they have helped many in retrieving their deactivated or suspended accounts. All you have to do to contact them is hit the help button at the top of your screen-

Then after that, another screen will pop up to confirm your email so that BVG can contact you accordingly! Simple as that-

Once you do, just tell them what is going on, and they will surely get to you in a timely manner. Be patient as they have a ton of tickets to go through on a daily basis. If any of you do get a response please feel free to contact us and let us know, so that we can share the word with everyone so that others who are in the same position can get the proper assistance as well.

Have you had any of the above issues stated happen to you over the Auction House? If so, what did you do? Were you able to resolve the issue? Let us know what you think by commenting below and sharing your thoughts. As always, please like and share this post so all your friends can keep up with the latest news from us.

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