Agent’s Journal: Keep Calm And Save YoVille!

Agent Alby is tired of all the in-fighting…

Dear Journal,

When it was announced that Zynga was closing YoVille, I knew that for every person fighting to the save the game there would be another apathetic person who was happy to just walk away. Well, that’s fine. Each to their own and all that. But – and perhaps I have been very naive here – not for one moment did I expect to see such nastiness rearing it’s ugly head.

My forum and Facebook friend, inelegantsnort started a thread entitled ‘Respect‘ in the Discussions forum. Her opening post said:

I don’t care what side of the “movement” you are on. I don’t care if you don’t have a side(like myself). What I do care about is the fact that so many people are letting this spill over into groups, posts and friendships. People telling people what they should sign, what they should or shouldn’t wear….. people telling people that their feelings are invalid…. or that their efforts are meaningless. Its getting dirty and ugly. You point fingers at Zynga saying how horrible they are, but maybe we should take a look in the mirror. Its sad.
You cant force people to think like you and if you only want to surround yourselves with people who are clones of yourselves, well, I don’t know what to say.

A little further down the page, forum member Pete added one of his usual extremely well thought-out comments:

I think the closer we get to the 31st, the more people’s frustrations will start boiling over. The longer we don’t get news regarding the sale, the worse it will become.

My feeling is is that this is just the beginning of The Divide. People react differently to external stimulus and when people have invested years of their life coupled with their hard earned money, their emotional investment is so extreme that sanity can take a back seat as emotions run high. People who don’t have this investment will be rather blasé about the closing and this conflict of interests will serve only to divide the community.

As the countdown to the end continues we may witness a grim character study about the darkness inside everyone, where massive fights are sparked by the smallest of grievances.
It’s our very own Lord of the Flies, when the game turns deadly, how will you play?

I shook my head in sadness, realising how spot on these two posts were.  I have seen at first hand, how things are getting ridiculous.

In the red corner, several of those fighting to save YoVille are accusing other ‘fighters’ of not doing enough. If any dare to be even a tiny bit realistic they are being accused of being part of the problem. If they are not boycotting all Zynga games, they are not genuine fighters. If they have not unliked Zynga’s Facebook page, why not? If they have not sent 20,000 tweets in the last 5 minutes they are letting the side down. They should also be making complaints to the BBB and phoning companies telling people not to sponsor Zynga. We are also getting dangerously close to a ‘name and shame’ mentality which I for one will not tolerate!

In the blue corner we have those players for whom the closure is not the end of the world. They play more casually than the fighters. YoVille is just one of many games that they play, and if it goes then they will just continue to play others. Also in this corner are those players who are genuinely sad to see the game go, but their realistic approach to life tells them that, no matter how hard people fight, the game will either close or it will be bought and due to technicalities, all players will have to start from scratch again. So what is the point? Of course, there is a third group of individuals sitting here too – the trolls. Those bored individuals with nothing better to do that deliberately stir things up in the hope of getting a reaction.

Seconds out – round whatever, and the ‘fun’ begins…

I personally, have had enough of it all. I am a realistic fighter in the sense that I will do all that is in my power to fight to save the game, but like Greg Thomson, I am ‘cautiously optimistic’ about the outcome. No matter how hard we fight and no matter how much of an effort Mr Thomson puts into acquiring the game, the last word comes from Zynga. The company chose to close OMGPOP rather than let staff buy it. Having said that, the recent publicity could put pressure on Zynga to sell. Only time will tell.

I will fight in my own way. No one is going to tell me I am not doing enough or that I am ‘part of the problem’ just because I am not online 24/7 fighting the good fight. If I choose to block other Zynga games it will be because I choose to do so, and not because anyone tells me I must do so. I will continue to write articles for YoRehab and actively spam them to get the word around, I will actively tweet and I will continue to send emails, but I will not be phoning the US from the UK unless someone offers to pay my phone bill for me. Oh, and I will not be contacting the BBB because it does not deal with people outside the US and Canada, and our Trading Standards do not deal with US companies. If some fighters don’t like this, then tough! I would prefer it if you would respect my choice to fight in my own way, but if you don’t then that’s your problem, not mine.

Equally, to those of you who do not understand why we are fighting – YoVille is something we care about. If something means enough to a person then they will, I am sure, fight for it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Please respect our decision to fight.

Right, rant over and soapbox put away for now. ;)

Before I close, I just want to do a ‘shout out’ to forum member and Facebook friend, YaY!. As usual he rose to the occasion with a brilliantly tongue-in-cheek post, which really made me smile:

Everyone should sign my petition, DIE YOVILLE DIE, and if you don’t I am taking my ball and going home.

You will no longer be my friend.

That is all!

Yes, this is a serious time for the YoVille fighters, but we still need to retain a sense of humor. Life is far too short! :)

Alby x

YoVillians, are you, like Alby, tired of all the bickering that’s going on right now? Do you just want to be able to support YoVille in your own way without getting criticized? Perhaps you are a player who is not actively fighting and is sick of being pressurized by those who do? Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

Please also like and share this agent’s journal. Thank-you for supporting YoVille and YoRehab.

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