A New Player’s Guide To Events In YoVille

New Players' Guide To YoVille EventsAfter you have read A New Player’s Guide to YoVille, you are now ready to start exploring the world of Yo! The main purpose, besides fun, in YoVille, is to buy, sell, and trade.

Buying is pretty basic, if you just want the things in stores. But sooner or later, you may start to ask yourself, “How do I sell my things that I don’t want or use anymore?”, or “I really want that Yocash couch but how do I trade with a dealer?”. Look no further! All those questions and more will be answered here in this “Guide to Events”.

Events Icon

Events icon

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First thing you should do is make yourself familiar with where you can find the event icon. You can locate the icon on the right side of your screen below your buddy list icon and above the chat bar.

Event Types/Categories

Parties & Music Category: Events List

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When you open the event icon, it will automatically show you the “Parties and Music” category. There are a total of 8 categories of events. You will find them listed in this order:

          • Parties and Music
          • Trading
          • Jobs
          • Games
          • Debates and Discussions
          • Grand Opening
          • Dating
          • Performance

Despite its name, “Parties and Music” actually houses more sales than parties, “Performance” is mostly used for trades set up on the YoVille forums, or for friends that want to meet up. Sometimes you will also find sales in the other categories like “Debates and Discussions”, “Games”, or “Grand Opening”.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the names of the categories and have a general idea what you will find where, you can get started! Events are used to buy, sell, and trade all things sold current and past in YoVille. It would be a good idea to visit the YoRehab Price Guide and get a feel for what things are generally worth before having a sale, or making an offer on an item for sale.

Holding A Sale

Start an Event

Once you have gotten your things laid out in the room you want to have the sale in, and browsed the price guide for pricing, you are almost ready to begin having your sale. To post the event, you open up the events list and click on the blue box (at bottom) where is says “Start an Event”.

Event name and description

Once you click this another box will pop up asking you for a title for your event. Some acceptable titles are “Good Sale” or “Small Sale”, pretty much anything along those lines. One you have the title in place, the next thing you should do is to fill out the description. Descriptions help with getting traffic to your sale. A good description for a first time sale would be “Small sale, good prices” or “Priced to sell”.

Choose a category

Once you have filled out both the fields, make sure you click on the correct category box at the top. It will automatically be set to “Parties and Music”. “Trading” is usually the best section to have sales in. Once that is set, you are ready to hit “Create Event” and start your sale!

Holding A Premium Event

The premium events are the ones highlighted in yellow, all other events appear in blue. This is done so that your sale or event will get more traffic. It is not needed for first time sales, but in the future it may be worth your coins. To make your event “premium”, simply follow these steps:

Premium Event

There is a box you can check under the description box called “Premium Event” with a yocoin next to it, and 1000 right after. It will cost you 1000 yocoins out of your pocket to host the event, but it will be worth it because premium events lets your sale stay in the events list longer.

Event Scams To Watch Out For

Scams are everywhere in YoVille, but most prevalent in events. Why? Probably because that is where the most people look for things around YoVille. Furthermore, events are not really moderated. Here are three basic type of event scams to watch out for:

  • Phising Sites- These are sites where you “register” to be given something. For example, if someone tells you to go to any website and enter your facebook log in and password so they can credit your account with yocoins or yocash, that is a phising scheme. You should NEVER give anyone your password and log in information. Zynga has a disclaimer on the YoVille forums that their employees will never ask for passwords or log in info. Most of these messages about these sites are left in game in your message box, but sometimes someone will run an event and put the info in their own message box. Stay away from those sites because if you are phished, Zynga will not refund your account the items you are missing.
  • Double Your YoCoins- This is all over the events section! You absolutely cannot double your yocoins! There is no “trick” these people know. They will tell you to put in a small amount of yocoins (say 100 yocoins) and they will double it on the first try. This is because they want to gain your trust so you will put more coins in at a time. The scammers are hoping you will put bigger amounts in (like 5k and up), so they can steal your money and kick you. It is best to ignore all these events period.
  • Bait and Switch- This scam is not always preventable, regardless of your vast knowledge of YoVille. This happens when the scammer advertises they are selling a certain item when in fact they are selling a similar item. There has been numerous “Buyer Beware” articles done about potential scams with look alike items. Always make sure you know the exact name of the item you are buying, that you hover your mouse over the trade box to see the item name, and that you are aware of the going rates for said items.
  • Gift for Gift- “I’ll give you a rare item if you give me something nice”. This is a scam. Do NOT fall for this. You won’t get anything in return except for a ticket outside the Alton Towers.

Sometimes it is fun just to cruise through events and see what everyone has for sale, hit a maxing party, or try to meet new friends. Remember there are some mean spirited people out there, but never let one bad experience make you give up on events. Once you get the hang of buying and selling, events will quickly become one of your best tools in YoVille!

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