Typhoon Haiyan: Facebook Teams With Red Cross To Help Philippines

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Facebook users logging into their accounts are seeing a new banner at the top of their screens. That is because Facebook has got together with the American Red Cross to raise money for the people whose lives have been shattered out in the Philippines. According to the article by mlive.com, over 2,000 people have been killed – and many many more have been injured. Thousands have lost everything. People are starving and desperate for clean drinking water. Something that most of us take for granted.

(This image is from the Red Cross website.)

Facebook users in the US are seeing a button to donate $10 at the top of their screens. Those from the UK are seeing a button to donate £10 (approx $15). YoRehab does not know what users from other countries are seeing.

Of course, not everyone can afford to donate this amount – and others may be willing and able to donate more. Therefore another option is to donate direct through the American Red Cross website here.

You can read more about this fundraising initiative at mlive.com here.

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