Facebook Profile Pics, Cover Photos Findable On Search – No Matter Your Settings

Facebook News - DefaultYou can run but you cannot hide!

Do you want to be incognito on Facebook. Perhaps you don’t want certain people seeing your profile pic or cover photo? Well, we are sorry to report that this is not longer possible, thanks to yet another Facebook policy change.

Facebook has changed its privacy settings to ensure that users can no longer make themselves unsearchable on the site’s new Graph Search function. The policy change also means that users can no longer hide their profile pictures, cover photos or personal networks from anyone searching for them.

According to Facecrooks:

“Your name, gender, username, user ID (account number), profile picture, cover photo and networks (if you choose to add these) are available to anyone since they are essential to helping you connect with your friends and family,” Facebook said in a post on its Help Center. Before the changes, users’ display names and networks were the only publicly available information in searches.

You can read more about this development in Facecrook’s article here

We suggest that, if you do not wish to be found, it might be an idea to change your profile pic to something which does not identify you.

YoVillians, does it bother you that you can no longer hide your profile pic or cover pic on Facebook? perhaps you don’t want an ex-partner or family member spotting you? Please leave your thoughts on this matter in the comment box below. Please also like and share this article to make more Facebook users aware of Facebook’s new policy change. Thank-you.


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