Yoville Prices: Like or Dislike?

Water Balloon Machines, Performance stages, and Regal Thrones. These are a few of the highly priced collectibles in the city of Yoville. There is also a line-up of costumes that are in the same category. What makes these items so rare in Yoville? Can everyday Yovillians obtains these prized possessions? Will there be any more like these in the near future?

Rares are basically the items that come with time throughout the game of Yoville. If you hold on to a collectible long enough, it gains value over time just as in the real world. The old collectibles such as Water Balloon Machines, Performance Stages,Regal Thrones and costumes such as, Astro, Big Daddy, and Fireman are old costumes from the year of 2008 which marked the beginning of the great game of Yoville. These highly-valued collectibles and costumes are artifacts from the very beginning of the game itself.

All of these collectibles are very pricey and obtainable for everyday Yovillians, but they will cost you an arm and a leg. Big Daddy costumes cost about 550-650k alone (at present). Water Balloon Machines cost about 1.1-2million. How can we afford these items? Some Yovillians make their way to the top scamming unsuspecting people, while others do so by simply buying their way to riches and the rest have to earn it the hard way, buying and selling new collectibles and saving money–coin running, maxing, selling free gifts, going to the factory, and the works.

Now, in the year of 2010, a lot more people are aware of the addicting game of Yoville and collectibles are still being released now every 2 weeks. There is no telling what will become the next valuable rare in the city of Yoville. The best thing to do is hold on to some of the weekend collectibles. This year things are being very over-priced as soon as they hit the shelves. Is Yoville in a Recession? Could be, who really knows except the ninjas?

What do you think about Yoville and the prices of collectibles, costumes, and rares? Do you think they are too much? Or do you think they are just right? Tell us your opinions! :)

Your Agent from Yoville,

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