Yoville Mysteries

A few weeks ago, prices of costumes were so high that it seemed like no normal Yovillian would ever be able to afford them. However, for what reasons there are, prices have seemingly dropped just as fast as they went up. You would see players everywhere selling their old costumes–yorothy, naturewoman, firewoman, and many more for lower prices, sometimes even half the price lower. Of course, this made rumors of a “re-release” spread 10 times faster than it normally would. But what is causing this drop? What really is behind this? The 3 R’srefunds, rumors, and the removal of mystery chests.

First is the removal of the silver mystery chests. The silver mystery chests have been yovillians’ primary source of income aside from factory work, jobs, maxing, and normal coin runs. But ever since they were removed, a lot of yovillians have found it harder to earn coins. With new items still constantly arriving in the game, and yocash rates still way high, it seems that players’ coins are starting to dry up.

Second is the “refunds”. The issue of hacking, and phishing have always existed in Yoville, just like in any game. There are phishing sites everywhere that continue to steal people’s essential information–email addresses and passwords, only to steal their accounts. These are one of the many ways people hack. Once they have stolen the victim’s account information, and have milked their items and coins dry, they move on to the next person in their long list of victims. And once the victim finds out that he/she has been hacked, it is almost always already too late. But it’s okay because as long as they report this to the Zynga Customer Support Team, they would be able to help them, and in the end, they will have their items and coins back in a matter weeks, if not days. BUT sadly, a lot of players have been abusing the help and assistance that Zynga Customer Support has been offering. Although I only have sympathy for those who were hacked, and have fallen victims to scams, it is a known fact that not all Hacking reports that are submitted to Zynga are always true. Many players have been submitting fake tickets to Zynga about getting “hacked”, and apparently they are getting refunded not just once, but many times. For instance, I went to an event where the owner was selling a Naturewoman costume for 1.4M. I asked why he was selling so cheap. Upon talking to him, he revealed that he had 8 of them. He said that he had them refunded, not just once but many many times. This is how players earn so much in the game. This is how they get plenty of items–expensive items. Economically, prices of certain items go up when there’s a huge demand for those items that exist in small amounts. This is the law of Supply and Demand–economics in its basic form. But now that many players are making fake tickets and getting refunded, these 08 costumes do not seem so scarce anymore. This is one of the reasons why you can see many events selling costumes for cheap prices. Simply because the owner has way too many of them and want to get rid of them quick. And because 2008 costumes do not exist in the game in small amounts anymore. Through “refunding” or making fake tickets, people can now buy 08 costumes for cheap prices. In effect, this sudden price drop will naturally spark curiosity among players. A lot will be wondering why prices are so low when these items are so rare. And as what seems to be a reflex, their first assumption will always be because 08 costumes will be re-released. The never ending rumors about an inevitable re-release. This is the third main reason why prices are dropping. The third R in the 3 R’s. As Halloween approaches, people assume that Zynga will bring back the 08 costumes to the store once again just like they did in 2009. This issue has been addressed way too many times. These 08 costumes have a big chance of getting re-released simply because they are not collectibles. Zynga can always re-release them and there is simply nothing we can do.

Prices are dropping this is true. No matter how much others do not want them to drop, there is no way to stop the inevitable. For instance, I have seen many events being made using random noob accounts. The event names were “Yorothy 5M, Naturewoman 4M”, and “Yorothy worth 4M”. I also went to another event where someone was buying Yorothy for 2M. I knew that Yorothy has been selling around 1.6-1.8 so I thought there was something fishy about this event. When I got there, I saw the owner, trying to get a good deal on a Yorothy this seller supposedly has. The seller was selling for 2.3, and the owner was asking for a discount. Seeing if he really had plans of buying yorothy for 2M, I said I had Yorothy and I will sell for 2M even if I didn’t have one. He never traded me.

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