YoEconomy: The Art of Price Jacking

Price jackingPrice-jacking, the act of conspiring with others to sell something far above the current going rate, has been running rampant around YoVille.

The latest casualties are the Bolt Make up and Pimpin Shades. Where you could once pay about 100 – 125k for the the Bolt and about 170k – 200k for Pimpin Shades, prices have now swollen to about 500k-(insert outrageous price here) a piece–or so the price jackers claim. Sadly, it seems that they are not showing signs of slowing anytime soon.

As a YoVille Price Guide, we understand that an item’s worth varies from person to person, and we respect that a seller dictates his own price. After all, it is his item, and no one should dictate to him how much he should price his own item. We have also stated that we only want our prices to reflect the REAL going rate of items in the market–meaning we update prices depending on how much items are being bought for.

Sadly, it seems that some sellers seem to want to get every last yocent out of players. So much so, that others result to staging sales, and creating multiple fake events.

Many players have reportedly conspired with their friends to stage fake sales and fake trades to show that their items–the Bolt Make up and Pimpin Shades–are indeed selling for outrageous prices. What happens is that a seller makes an event selling these 2 items for outrageous prices. A few minutes into the event, the sellers’ friends arrive and pretend to want to buy the Bolt Make up and Pimpin Shades. Some even resort to having a few of their friends arrive at the event and act like they are fighting over these items.

Others, on the other hand, have organized and scheduled multiple fake events with their friends. What happens is that a group of people make multiple events at the same time wanting to buy Bolt and Pimpin Shades at outrageous prices, while the rest of their friends create multiple events selling Bolt and Pimpin Shades for sky high prices. Clearly, events like these are done in an effort to brainwash players into thinking that these 2 items are now selling and being bought for insane prices.

We want to assure you that we at YoRehab are aware of what is happening. We have removed the price of these 2 items in the price guide, and we have no plans of putting them back anytime soon.

The issue of price-jacking is a delicate one. On one hand, you have players that have held on to their rare items to sell one day for a nice sized profit, and on the other, you have those that want to be able to afford these items without blowing all their money on one item.

What do you think?  Is it fair one way or another?  What do you think would be a happy medium? Are you aware of the ongoing attempt to “jack up the prices of the Bolt Make up and the Pimpin Shades? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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