YoEconomy: 2008 Costume Market On Recession?

Price Guide NewsIt seems that the 08 costume fad is finally slowly dying down. Just a few weeks after inflation hit the 08 costume market in YoVille, it seems that in just a span of a day or 2, the costume prices are now suddenly dropping. Fast.

The sudden drop seemingly came just when high end costumes hit their all time high prices. The Nature Woman, for example, started dropping, just when it hit its all time high 16.5M. Similarly, the Mummy, Mafiaman, Ladybug and Bumblebee costumes have both started to drop after reaching 6.5M, 7.0M, 9.5M and 7.5M respectively.

Currently, as of April 8, 2011, the prices of the Nature Woman, Bumblebee, Mafiaman, Mummy and Ladybug are as follows:



Nature Woman

Are the other 08 costumes on its way to experiencing the same fate as the costumes pictured above? Maybe, maybe not.

What’s causing the prices to fall?


As YoVille’s 3rd anniversary is fast approaching with only a month left, rumors are yet again spreading quickly about a pending re-release. Again, these are only rumors, we are no way saying it’s true.

Of course as these rumors spread faster, many players who own these costumes fear that what they dread may actually happen. And as more people hear about the rumors, more people get afraid, and decide to stay away from buying and selling them. Thus, the demand for these costumes go down.

Flooding the market

As many players start to fear what’s to come on YoVille’s 3rd anniversary, and as they observe prices to fall, these players now try to get rid of their costumes as soon as they can in order to avoid losing money, and start making so many events to be able to get rid of their costumes fast. What they don’t know is that the more they keep making events, the more they flood the market, causing costumes to go down in price as there’s a lot of them being sold in events.

Have you noticed that the 08 costume prices are now dropping? Do you like the fact that the prices are dropping? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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