YoCash Rate And Their Future

YoEconomyAre you constantly looking for cheap YoCash dealers and have you ever wondered why YoCash rates are constantly going up? How high will the YoCash rate go?

From 500:1 all the way to the current rate of 3000:1 or 4000:1; we have been through them all. Only time will tell how high they will truly go, but here is some insight into the reason that they have increased over the years.

The History

We begin our journey at the 500:1 rate which was started around mid January 2009 and YoCash dealers weren’t so prevalent throughout the game. At this time, many people would go to work, do coin runs, and max out for about 650 YoCoins a day. With this amount of coins backing a person’s daily income, we could not afford much. Prices were low and YoCoins were valued about the same as cash, but macroeconomics (the entire economy of YoVille) has proven otherwise. Around the middle part of 2010 the YoCash rate jumped to 1000:1, but for what reason? Well, just as in a real economy, as money becomes easier to gain then it is only correct that prices go up. This is the YoVille version of inflation, which is caused by the purchase of YoCash and YoCoins. Although I doubt many people purchase YoCoins with the going rate, the idea is simple. As more money is injected into the YoEconomy, people have no problem spending more to get the goods that they want. It is the classic example of the price of cola in reality. Many decades ago, cola was only a nickel whereas today it is a dollar – all due to inflation and people being able to gain money more easily though steady currency injection by the government.

The Present

Currently the money supply in the YoEconomy is much higher than years ago.  The reason for that is the multitude of ways that have been added to gain YoCoins and the values of these tasks increasing.  For example, today it is possible for someone to get a total of 1800 YoCoins in the factory, 600 YoCoins through a photo run, 600 YoCoins from a coin run, and hundreds or thousands more through gift boxes. This amount of YoCoins gained through these jobs, which is constantly on the rise, causes the YoCash rate to go up. Also, this is the same reason that the prices of rare and discontinued items go up as well.

The Good

Inflation is not a bad thing and it would not be wise to make it out that way. It runs the economy in a better direction and allows us all to gain more wealth over time. Economists have always considered wealth to be in the goods that we buy and money is just a means of transfer; therefore, inflation is welcome and the higher the average rate of YoCash goes it is a sign that YoVillians are becoming more and more wealthy over time.

Conclusion: The Never Ending Cycle

Finally, how high the YoCash rate will get is entirely up to the economy. If people start to buy less cash, stop going to work, or stop buying items in sales then surely the economy is in for a recession where prices will fall and the YoCash rate will become stagnant, but it would never counter the current inflation rate. Even with this being possible it is highly unlikely and inflation will always occur. With this said, the YoCash rate will always be on the rise from year to year and in order to determine exactly where they will end up at each years end much more statistics about Yoville would be needed. However, from some quick analysis we here at YoRehab can tell you that rate has increased an average of 91 percent over the last 3 years therefore by next year we can expect at least a rate of 4500:1 to 6000:1.

Do you like the current YoCash rates? Are you a YoCash dealer and always look for the rate to increase? And finally, where do YOU think the YoCash rates are headed? Let us know in the comment section below.

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