Understanding YoHoarding And How It Affects The YoEconomy

YoEconomyAre you one of those people who constantly look for things in your inventory to sell yet you still cannot find that right item? Is your inventory causing you to buy more houses as storage? Are you constantly noticing items in your houses that you don’t remember where they came from or when you got it?

The Condition

If you exhibit any of these symptoms, you just may have the dangerous, but enjoyable, condition of YoHoarding and, though it progresses slowly, it can only get worse. If you have recently contracted it, prepare to be forever low on coins as well as YoCash, and it would be wise to stock up on a few houses for storage. On the other hand, if you are unfamiliar with either the term or act of hoarding, then the best way to describe it would be people that constantly buy items and amass a collection that should surely be available only in superstore. For hoarders, simple shopping take on a whole new perspective. They buy huge quantities of items, probably to sell later, but never to find the strength to let go of their prized possessions – even if they have 100 of them. They also find themselves acquiring more homes than any rational Yovillian could imagine.

Economic Effects

YoHoarders do a lot for the economy. They provide coins to people when they buy their whole sale and, when they do finally get help that allows them to part with some of their possessions, they provide many items at decent prices. On the other hand, if you see a collection that is going out of stock, hoarders will not hesitate to spend thousands to millions of coins in the store, lowering the money supply in the economy. However, this small flux is only a small drop in the bucket compared to the number of coins available, but the major effect that hoarders have is the large amount of items that they pull or insert into the market. For example, hoarders can essentially influence prices if they hold enough of the rare items which means that as supply is decreased the prices go up.

On A Lighter Note

Hoarders can make for some great friends. They can throw any party that is needed and have any house for the occasion, whether you want to travel to the beach, Paris, Vegas, have a wedding, or simply be royalty for the day – they can provide you with that location. You can’t forget though, your friendly hoarder will do this as long as you give them an item. It doesn’t have to be worth much, just something that they can add to their collection.

Interview with a Hoarder

When did you realize that you were a hoarder?

“I began playing 3/09.  I know I was hoarding by Mafia, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Xmas of 09 and was pretty bad pretty fast. So I’d say within a few months of me starting to play I began hoarding.”

Do you hoard everything or do you go for particular items?
“Sadly to my accounts dismay I do hoard just about everything [and] I hoard much faster than I can sell my items. I hoard coin costumes and hairs… and any additional accessories I can find after keeping 1 each. I hoard wallpapers and floors as well. I hoard just about all coin items before any theme is leaving… I really go crazy if I think the item will do well like pirate gold which I have over 200.  Ice pillows, still have over 300. Wonderwoman costume – maybe 30 of the coin costume part and Angels from this Xmas I think 30 ea those.”

And finally, do you think it is curable?
“Sadly no – I get worse and worse and worse. I cant explain it. At Xmas this past year, I found myself filling up rooms with the cheap gifts and ornaments. On average I fill 3 houses per theme leaving and I cant seem to stop – I need help lmao. Is there a 12 step program?”  Well I don’t know if there is a 12 step program, but it sounds like you do need either help or more storage space really quick.

Have you ever considered yourself or a friend a hoarder? If so, what items do you like to collect and do you ever like to part with your items? Tell us below in the comment section!

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