Is Yoville Only For The Rich?

The new Moroccan theme has successfully evoked a luxurious, elegant, and royal feel. From its gigantic golden pillars embedded with gold, to the rich and vibrant colored living room sets encrusted with shiny golden pieces. It is indeed a majestic theme– a theme for the Yo-kings and yo-queens. But with the majority of the items having a yocash price tag, we cannot help but raise a question. Is Yoville only for the rich in real life?

The issue regarding yocash items has been controversial for months now. Yovillians complain left and right about the past releases wherein majority of the items can only be purchased using yocash. For instance, in today’s Moroccan Theme release, we calculated that to be able to buy one of new each item, we would have to spend:

From the Fashion Store:

92 yocash
20,600 coins

From the Furniture Store:

233 yocash and 47,600 coins

From the Realtor Office:

Therefore, given all the examples above, in order to get one of each item, we would have to spend 363 yocash and 68,200 coins. Without buying the yocash house, we would have to spend 325 yocash and 68,200 coins. Since yocash can only be bought using real money, we checked how much real money this would cost. Here is a screenshot of Zynga’s rates:

To be able to buy one of each item, we would need to spend $55US real life money, and 68,200 coins. But this is only for one release. Remember that there are 2 item releases per week. What does this imply? Is this reasonable? Is this just right? Furthermore, going back to the question we raised above, is Yoville only for the real life rich? You be the judge. Tell us what you think in the comments section below :)

~Agent N

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