2010 YoEconomy: A Review Of Economic Changes Throughout YoVille Last Year

yoville economyYoEconomy. That seems like such a strange word, doesn’t it? Much like the real world, YoVille has an ever changing economy. When the game began in May 2008, the items in YoVille were limited.

Everything was bought for coins and the YoCash factor was nonexistent. Ah, those were the days! But fast forward to 2011, and the whole aspect of the game has somehow changed. Majority of the items are now purchasable through YoCash only, the game is flooded with so many items and features each month, and the old 08 rares and costumes seem to be simply unattainable due to their sky high prices.

If we take a trip back to the YoEconomy in 2010, you will notice the differences from then up until now.

Early Months of 2010

When 2010 rolled around, the majority of players had played YoVille at least one full year (give or take a few months). The players had been accustomed to partial YoCash releases, especially on things like costumes or collectibles. The going YoCash rate in 2010 was anywhere from 300:1 up to 500:1. At that point, there were still players that believed that was a little on the high side, considering the Bank of YoVille converted your YoCash at a rate of 100:1. Then, there was the 2008 costumes. In the beginning of 2010, they were still semi-affordable for the average Yo. Semi-affordable if you saved of course. The re-released 2008 costumes (that were brought back Halloween 2009) were all selling for under 200k, which was a big difference from the 350k and up they were selling before the re-release. Of course the higher end costumes were going up, but for the most part nothing was to far above 1 million YoCoins.


Around May of 2010, YoVille celebrated its 2nd year anniversary, and with that came the Super Saturday Blowout Sale, wherein items were only available for the weekend. This event also saw the arrival of probably the most expensive yocash item yet–the XL Helicopter, which was in store for 100 yocash. And since the items were only available for purchase for a very limited time, many players of course, tried their very best to own at least one of each.

Almost all the Super Saturday items were availbale as YoCash, and since not many players can buy YoCash, the demand for these items went so high. And this signaled the start of high YoCash prices.

Late 2010

In the later months of 2010, the YoEconomy was sent into an upward spiral. There were some accounts that exploited a Zynga glitch and gained almost unlimited YoCash and YoCoins. This infused the market with YoCash dealers and players were able to spend more for the things they wanted. The price of YoCash went up to as much as 1000:1 and in some cases even 2000:1. With the dealers being able to make YoCoins fast, they were able to bump up the prices on things like 2008 costumes and certain rare items. With these accounts that exploited the glitch being able to buy the 2008 costumes regardless of the price, it turned the costume market upside down. When the accounts were banned due to the exploitation, the 2008 costumes on those accounts were lost for good.

And towards Halloween 2010, Zynga has also announced that 08 Costumes will not be re-released, and this definitely made the demand for these costumes even higher. Again,

High Demand + Low Supply =  HIGH PRICES


As of now in February 2011, the YoCash rate is at the very least 2000:1, if you can find a dealer at all anymore. Some of the 2008 costumes have doubled or tripled in their prices since the ending months of 2010. What is the reason for this inflation? Speculation is, since so many costumes have disappeared from the market from banned accounts or people that no longer play, the costumes demand is much greater than the actual supply. As for the YoCash rate, it is also speculation that since Zynga made so many items YoCash now, the people who buy YoCash are using it strictly for personal use and not selling. It’s simply explainable by the Law of Supply and Demand. With very high demand for YoCash items every week, and very little that actually sell or supply them, it’s only normal that the YoCash prices are now very high.

Have you noticed any changes in the YoEconomy since you began playing YoVille? What do you think the reasons are behind the high YoCash rate? Do you think Zynga should do something in order to fix the inflation and these sky high prices? What possible solutions do you think should be done? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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