An Improved Yoville Bank

Does anyone even know there is the Bank of YoVille?  More importantly, does anyone ever bank there?  I must admit that I’ve grown curious about the Bank of YoVille and it’s tricky math in our ever changing, increasing, and inflating YoEconomy! For those of you who have never visited

or frequented the Bank of YoVille, let me bring you up to speed.  The Bank of YoVille is located on the YoMap between the Casino and Clothing Store directly in front the Salon.  I can’t say that doesn’t make sense to be placed there, because in the real world, it would be located pretty much in the same location.  And, since there’s no YoGroceryMart, well, never mind my rambling, let me get back to my point.

When you visit the Bank of Yoville, you can see the amount of coins and yocash you have currently available.  However, once you’re inside the Bank you otherwise lose the ability to see this. You can then, do two things:

1. Buy Neighbors With YoCash
2. Buy Coins With YoCash

Here’s the tricky math:

1. To Buy Neighbors With YoCash the exchange rate is 2 YoCash for 1 Neighbor
2. To Buy Coins With YoCash the exchange rate is 1 YoCash for 100 Coins ……. (wait! stop the press!!!)

1 YoCash for 100 coins??? Sad, but true!

So, here’s my question, with yoInflation constantly rising, should we petition Zynga to increase the YoCash for coins to at least 1YoCash for 1000 coins.  (I know 1,500 would be better, but stay with me people!) Also, what’s missing in the previous equations?  I’m so glad you asked. Option 3!

3.  Buy YoCash with Coins

Since 1 YoCash for 100 Coins, shouldn’t 100 Coins buy 1YoCash? What do you think guys?  If we could get an increase at the Bank or at least be able to buy YoCash for the same bank rate, uhm, can I get a woot woot?  a toot toot?  a beep beep?  Ok! Ok!  Your comments will do!

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~ Agent DoubleD

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