Agent’s Journal: Why Is Agent Alby So Excited?

Because she wants a YoRehab t-shirt of course!

Dear Journal…

I am so excited! In fact, to misquote George from Blackadder, I am ‘as excited as a very excited thing’!

Yesterday saw the launch of the extremely awesome YoWorld t-shirts. This in itself put a very broad grin on my face. Okay, so being in the UK I was a little taken back to see that the shipping cost was actually more than the actual shirt, but… I checked a currency converter and decided that yes, I could afford to treat myself. $11.59 for the shirt with $12.50 shipping came to $24.09 which equates to £15.79. Not too bad, overall. So, at that stage I was an extremely happy bunny!

But imagine my excitement when I popped into our Agents Facebook group (the secret place where we drink huge amounts of tea/coffee/soda and much chocolate biscuits while we keep the YoRehab site up-to-date) and discovered that there is now an official YoRehab shirt!

Yes, that’s right – a totally awesome to-die-for YoRehab t-shirt!

This will make the perfect birthday present to me from me!

But, there is just one tiny problem. As you can see from the teespring.com site, two more people need to reserve their t-shirts before they definitely get the go ahead. Therefore I am reaching out to YoRehab fans in the hope that someone will be equally tempted by this mega-fantastic t-shirt and reserve theirs – thus making my day! :D

I could grovel and beg, but that would not be a very pretty sight. In fact it could put fans off their food…

So, instead I am just going to say:

If you are a dyed-in-the-wool, loyal YoRehab fan then here is your chance to show everyone what a great site we run by wearing our t-shirt. The campaign lasts another six days, and then you need to allow between 1-3 weeks for delivery, depending on which part of the world you live in.

My fingers, toes and undercrackers are now well and truly crossed for a positive out come…

Thank you.

Alby x

Are you a loyal YoRehab fan who wants to show the world that you support the site? If so, just click the link and reserve yours before the campaign ends. Even if you don’t want one for yourself, perhaps you know someone who would like one? Please like and share Alby’s journal with your YoFriends and family. Thank you for supporting YoRehab.

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