A New Player’s Guide To YoWorld

A New Player's Guide To YoVilleWelcome to the wonderful world of YoWorld! There are many things you will learn throughout your time in YoWorld, and these are some of the basics that will help to get you started!

YoWorld Map

Once you have finished choosing your gender and your home, the next thing you should do, is get familiar with the different places in YoWorld. The different places you should look for are the Widget Factory, Alton Towers, the Casino, and the many different stores. You can go to these places by clicking on the world icon world iconon your screen. Clicking on this icon will open the YoWorld map. Hover around the places in the map to know what they are.

YoVille Map

Click to zoom in

You will learn that the icons on your screen will become something you use to navigate around YoWorld quickly.

Changing Your Clothes

Once you have taken a peek at what the Yo World looks like, it is time to dress up your character. You chose starter clothes when you created your Yo Person. These clothes can be changed when you head to the Clothing Store and buy new clothes to change into.

Clothing Store

If you want to change into the clothes that you bought, simply click on the sunglasses icon Change Appearance icon. Once you click the icon, a box will show up with your YoWorld avatar on the right and your options for changing your appearance on the left. When you are in this screen, you will have two options to choose from. You can either change your clothes or change your body appearance, or perhaps do both at the same time.

The first tab you will see will be called “Change Clothes“. This is where you can add accessories (purses/handhelds), change your clothes, change into a costume, or just simply change your hat! There will be categories listed on the left which are able to be clicked and viewed. This will help you decide what you have available to wear.

Changing Your Appearance

Changing your appearance is a simple task and can be done by hitting the sunglasses icon Change Appearance iconon your YoWorld screen. To change your appearance, simply click on the “Edit Face” tab.

This is where you can change your skin tone, eye color, lip shape/color, and even change your hairstyle, and put on make up. There are many different hair styles and colors available when you first start out. If you haven’t found something you like, you can always check out the Salon and “rent” hair or purchase a new ‘do to keep. Also, another feature added was the ability to shop for clothes anytime while trying to change your appearance. On the right side, above your YoWorld avatar, you will see a box that is labeled “Shop for Clothes“.

Shop for clothes

If you click it, you will be able to see the clothes available in the Fashion Store and try them on. If you like what you see and have the yocoins or yocash to buy the stuff, you can purchase it right from that screen. The same thing is available for purchasing hair in the “Edit Face” screen, provided you clicked on the “hair” tab.

Making Coins

Widget Factory

Collecting more coins is important as well. There are many ways to make coins in YoWorld. However, the most common one is collecting pay in the Widget Factory. You can take yourself to the factory by clicking the the world icon on your screen, and then clicking on the Widget Factory on the map that pops up. Once you are inside the factory, you can click on the time clock to collect your pay. After you collect your pay, make sure you click on the little icon on the top of your screen (if you are playing via Facebook) to ask for more energy. Energy will help you be able to clock in more than once every four hours, provided your friends send you those Nitros (energy drinks) you asked for. When you first clock in, your pay will be only 200 yocoins. As you progress with adding neighbors, the pay will increase up to 600 coins, but this will only happen if you have 200 neighbors. You can ask your friends to join your crew, or you can Looking For YoWorld Neighbors by clicking HERE.

Daily Log In Bonus

Every day you log into YoWorld you receive a coin bonus. It goes up each day until you reach the sixth day, where it maxes out. Every day you log in after that you receive that sixth day bonus amount.

Coin Running/Visiting Your Neighbors

The Widget Factory isn’t the only way to make yocoins. You can visit your neighbors daily. There is a cap on collecting coins at 10 neighbors though. When you are first starting it is important to do your friend visits. You not only receive 100 coin per visit, you also receive a mystery gift. This can be a colored key or chest or coffee to use to get energy to work at the factory.


Another way to try to collect yocoins is to visit the Casino. There are two ways to win yocoins – Slots and Flip-And-Win. But please remember – you are gambling what yocoins you aready have and may lose in stead of winning.


You can also visit the YoMotor Speedway, to take a chance on winning a race against your crew mates to win yocoins. You can also wager a bet on a Yorace and make even more yocoins, but be careful not to gamble all your yocoins away!


The last way to collect more yocoins is to head to the Pier at the Beach. You will have a chance to “out fish” two people on your crew.

Decorating Your Home

Once you have your pay, you are now ready to start decorating your apartment. You will notice the chair icon Edit room/decorate button at the bottom part of your screen. That is the “Edit Room” icon. You can use that to open your inventory and move things in and out of it. You can also shop from home using the Edit Room icon. The only things you cannot buy from shopping at home are wallpapers and floors. You can, however, buy these at the Yo Depot. When you start leveling up, you will get more rooms added on to your apartment. For now, you will have the four basic rooms;  living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

For questions you may have on leveling up, please refer to these amazing articles:  Tips on Leveling Up and Your Complete YoVille Level Up Guide.

Now it’s time to get out and enjoy the world of YoVille!

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