7 Deadly YoSins Series: YoScamming

seven deadly yosinsHave you ever wondered what kind of actions could land you in YoHell? That’s what this series is all about. Today we are discussing a very popular yet multi-faceted sin. The scam.


Just like in real life, scams can be performed in many different ways. In YoVille, you can scam with the help of hacks (buying stuff from other players with fake coins, or selling them fake items), you can scam by lying and “price jacking” a very low value item, or you can scam by convincing another person to give you his goods just to disappear right after. In fact, any kind of rip-off in YoVille might be considered a scam. But let’s focus on the third kind of scam, as the other two have already been discussed.

First of all, what leads players to convince others to hand over their goods and money? Greed and pride. A YoVillian who has scammed others usually shows off his items and is proud of his scam. The boldest ones even insult the victim before leaving to prove to themselves that they are extremely clever and subtle. Although, the most cunning scammers usually keep talking softly to their victims and disappear only after a while, perhaps changing their YoName to be sure and thus confusing their target.

How can we defend ourselves from scamming?

We’ve said it over and over. Do not hand over any items or any coins unless you want to gift the player you are giving your stuff to. Otherwise, the risk of being scammed is 99%. If anybody proposes to duplicate your items or double your money, report them immediatly and don’t fall for the trick. They are a scammer of course, and even if he was able to duplicate items, he could get banned or otherwise punished for breaking YoVille terms of service.

Also, if you see somebody who keeps changing the numbers of YoCoins he should give to you for a certain item during a trade, be careful and double check the amount before pressing trade. This is VERY important, as some scammers usually try to lower the price they are trying to buy your items for by quickly shifting the sum they want to give you.

In any case, if you think you have been scammed in any way, contact the Zynga Customer Service. They are very helpful, quick, and friendly. You won’t be disappointed for asking them for help. Do not be afraid, all of the employees from Zynga are very understanding and will help you in any way they can, as long as you haven’t done anything bad on your own (it’s kind of your fault if you wanted to double your money and gave them to a possible hacker).

Have you been a victim of scams? What do you do to protect yourself from this deadly YoSin? Tell us in the comment section below.

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