New Pay Raise: Is It Worth it?

yoville widget factory“Add me please, I need neighbors! Need crew! Add me!” Facebook was seemingly flooded by these phrases

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Can We Have More Control Over Our Buddy List?

Yoville Neighbors/Crew: Advantages and Disadvantages, Pro's Con'sWe’ve all seen desperate “Add me/need crew/neighbors” spams everywhere in Facebook.

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Looking For Yoville Neighbors?

We all know that more neighbors=higher wage, but what if you don’t have enough neighbors? What if you need more crew members? How will you get higher pay in the Widget Factory? Well, worry no more, folks! Because YoRehab is here to solve your problems! Presenting….. YoRehab’s Yoville Crew Finder Group! A group where you can meet new people, find new friends, and Yoville Crew members to increase your Widget Factory Salary! To join,simply click HERE.

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