Forums Closing; Confirmed Rumor

Well all the forumers have seen it, now it’s been confirmed.

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Show Off Your ‘Animal Reserve’ Room!

YoWildYoVillians, have you decorated an Animal Reserve themed room? [Read more...]

Welcome Pearl Ninja!

YoVille DefaultEmerald Ninja announces the addition of Pearl Ninja to the Ninja family!

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A New Ninja Is Introduced: Welcome Sage Ninja!

sage ninjaThere is a brand new Ninja on the YoVille forums. She was just announced today by Azure Ninja, her forum name is Sage Ninja.

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Wish Upon A Star For Your Dream Items To Be Released!

Wish upon a star!Zynga is once again giving players a chance to tell them what they would like to see come to YoVille!

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YoVille Forum Now Accessible Using Google Chrome!

Google ChromeThe wait is finally over! YoVillians have been posting on the YoVille Forum that where they used to have problems using the Goggle Chrome Browser to be able to see and post on the forum, they are now miraculously able to use it again.

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How To Series: Finding The Links To Your Hidden YoVille Rooms!

YoVille How To SeriesDid you know that some homes in YoVille have hidden rooms? Some YoVille homes have rooms that are there, and that are usable, but do not actually have doors. No one really knows why the developers do this. Do they simply forget to add a door?

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Old Facial Features Can No Longer Be Traded?

It seems that something has changed about YoVille recently,

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New Horse Glitch: Funny or Annoying?

Glitch reportYes, there is a glitch with the new horses. However, it isn’t the normal type glitch.

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Pumpkin Chair Controversy Explained

yoville pumpkin chairsSo what was the whole deal with the pumpkin chairs?

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