‘Secret Rooms’ No Longer Accessible Without Teleports…

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UNDER INVESTIGATION: Having Trouble Loading Yoville.Com?

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Loading Issues – 10/12/2012

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The Emerald City Arrives In YoVille

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Downtime Keeps Forums Closed To Many YoVillians!

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Rate The Special Cash Mystery Box

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Dissension In The Ranks And Gloom Prevails

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Mass Banning In YoVille

YoVille News DefaultLast night was a busy one for some in YoVille as it appears that a mass banning spree occurred leaving many Yovillians devastated and confused. [Read more...]

New Survery: Future Themes

SurveyA new survey is available today on future YoVille themes, have your say. [Read more...]


YoJealousy rears its ugly head in many ways, some mild forms and some extreme. An event that occurred just a few days ago gave prime examples of how YoJelaousy can effect people. [Read more...]