7 Deadly YoSins Series: YoPrejudice

To continue with our series of the 7 Deadly YoSins, we bring to the front a topic that cannot only be debatable, but can be quite emotional as well. Let’s tackle this next topic with an open mind, YoPrejudice.

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7 Deadly YoSins Series: YoScamming

seven deadly yosinsHave you ever wondered what kind of actions could land you in YoHell? That’s what this series is all about. Today we are discussing a very popular yet multi-faceted sin. The scam.

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7 Deadly YoSins Series:: Animation Overload

seven deadly yosinsIn recent articles, we have discussed different “Seven Deadly YoSins”. The following sin is something everyone has probably done during their YoLife. It is something that many people have also kicked people out of their houses for. This article is going to discuss what may be one of the most common YoSins, Animation Overload. [Read more...]