Zynga Is At It Again; Re-Releases

As we check the stores today we see that three themes were re-released this time. They are Valentines Day 2011, MTV Video Awards and Yorient. [Read more...]

Yorient Express Closeout Sale!

YoVille SaleAttention all YoShoppers, are you looking for a deal? [Read more...]

New Buildable: Yorient Express Polished Wooden

widget artYoVillians! A new craftable has arrived for us to build. [Read more...]

Yorient Express Collectible, Airport Collectibles And Rideables Arrive!

Airport mini theme- defaultYoVillians, have you noticed that the last time we had collectibles released was for St.Patty’s Day? [Read more...]

Sneak Peek: Yorient Express Designed Costumes!

sneak peek defaultYoVillians, do you remember the design contest ‘Yorient Express’ that was recently held via the official YoVille forum? [Read more...]

NEW: Airport Mini Theme With Flash Sales

An exciting new theme has arrived on YoVille today, an Airport Mini Theme with Flash Sales on YoCash.

[Read more...]

Yorient Avenue Arrives!

YoVille News DefaultYoVillians! Is your luggage packed to  board the Yorient express? [Read more...]

Yorient Express Furniture, Clothing, Hairs and Accessories

YoVille News DefaultLot of new Yorient Express items in all stores today. Great clothing hairs, furniture and accessories are available for you to buy.

[Read more...]

Sneak Peek: Yorient Express Fashion!

sneak peek defaultAll aboard! YoVillians! Have you grabbed your passport and boarded the Yorient Express? [Read more...]

New Buildable: Yorient Express

widget artFor all you widget collectors, time to check out the newest buildable! [Read more...]