Gold Rush Is Back

YoVillians have recieved, yet another consolation prize from Zynga for sticking with YoVille during these trying times. Gold Rush is back! [Read more...]

Sale Banner; Cryptic Pop Up

The surprises keep coming today, with the latest being a sale banner on YoCash and YoCoins and an in game pop up. [Read more...]

YoCash Vs YoCoin

We are very excited to see items being released that used to cost YoCash being YoCoin now. [Read more...]

New Canadian Holiday Contest Winning Clothing In Stores!

YoVillians, are you loving the new Canadian Holiday theme? If so, check out these new outfits!

[Read more...]

New Canadian Holiday Rideable And Collectibles!

New collectibles and a rideable are now available for you to purchase! [Read more...]

New Mississippi Steamboat Collectible And Rideable!

A new collectible and rideable are now in the store! [Read more...]

New White House Collectible!

The new White House Inauguration Oath collectible is now in stores! [Read more...]

Does It Take Selling Everything In Order To Wear An ’08 Costume?

08 COSTUME PRICE SOARHow much of a sacrifice would it be for you to own your favorite ’08 costume? Have you already made that sacrifice?

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XMas Gift Pack Is Back!

breaking newsA few days ago it was in the Furniture Store for a very, very short time. There was chaos and complaints when it was pulled. And now, just like a Christmas miracle, we have it back! [Read more...]

Christmas Coin House Released!

christmas-defaultJust in time for the holidays! Santa gets a new hideout.

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