Yo Bistro Collectibles: 02/22/2013

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Can Zynga Fix Lionell Toro’s Contest Winning Designs?

Glitch Report DefaultLionell Toro is not a happy designer! [Read more...]

Retros Or Not – Does It Matter To You?

YoVille News DefaultAre you bothered that some YoVillians are calling the new glasses retros? [Read more...]

Yober Contest Winner!

Zynga announces the winner of the Halloween yober contest! [Read more...]

Halloween Yober Contest!

Create your own Halloween yober and win a fantastic prize! [Read more...]

Medieval Fantasy Crown And Dragon Now Also Sold Separately!

YoVillians can now buy the Medieval Fantasy crown without the dragon attached. [Read more...]

Get To Know Agent Gem: Your Questions Answered

You have asked the questions, now Agent Gem gives you the answers you have all been waiting for! [Read more...]

Exclusive YoDesigner Interview: OneEyeHeaven

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Animal Reserve Contest Design Sneak Peek!

sneak-peek-defaultNow that the voting has been done with, it’s time for us to finally get the sneak peek of the awesome costumes coming to stores soon. [Read more...]

Animal Reserve Costume Design Contest Winners Announced!

winneranimalAfter the very long anxious wait, the winners have finally been announced! [Read more...]