Another Ninja Joins The Crew

YoVille News DefaultA new Ninja arrives on  YoVille.com forum, let’s welcome Coral Ninja! [Read more...]

Attack Of The Ninjas? Welcome The Newest Authorities!

YoVille News DefaultThe Forums have been a bit crazy lately, with less and less Ninjas around, but finally more Ninjas have come to the rescue for the Forums! [Read more...]

Welcome Indigo Ninja

YoVille News DefaultOut with the old and in with the new! A new ninja is welcomed to the forums. [Read more...]

A New Ninja Arrives To Forums!

Yoville UpdateAttention YoVillians! There’s a new Ninja in town!  [Read more...]

New Cosign Home Available! Welcome To YoVille High!

School art Welcome to YoVille High! That’s right, the new theme out in YoVille is all about school!

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YoVille Forums Welcome New Ninja! Stop By And Say Hi To Sapphire!

Sapphire NinjaThis morning, Azure Ninja announced the arrival of a new ninja! It appears that another ninja will join the ranks of the “blue” team on the forums!

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7 Deadly YoSins Series: Price Jacking And YoGreed

severn deadly yosinsPrice jackers, scammers, hackers and more. These are examples of the YoGreedy people that intentionally destroy the stability of our YoEconomy. YoGreed is a real issue–a deadly YoSin that a lot of YoVillians suffer from. In this series, we will introduce to you the 7 deadly YoSins that constantly terrorize our YoWorld.

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The YoVille Forums Welcome Emerald Ninja To The Ninja Team!

YoVille UpdateThis morning, Azure Ninja, the YoVille Community Manager, made an official announcement in the YoVille Forums. Azure introduced everyone to the newest member of the ninja team, Emerald Ninja!

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A New Ninja Is Introduced: Welcome Sage Ninja!

sage ninjaThere is a brand new Ninja on the YoVille forums. She was just announced today by Azure Ninja, her forum name is Sage Ninja.

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